The Vampire Teacher (GirlxGirl)

Chapter 91: Earthquake

"Jerome! I breathe out while my lips trembling. I blink my eyes they were so tired. My mind was screaming so many things so many emotions running through my head giving me a headache my heart start to beep so hard they could even hear it. A huge smirk spread across Jerome's face giving me a neasous feeling in my stomach.

"Is impossible to kill her, but I have something else in mind with that bitch.."The alpha said turning his back to us as they talk.

Uriel didn't return back yet I hope she okay really I don't trust this people and she is alone with them in the darkness in this tick trees.

"You okay? I heard jazmine asked me.

My head turn to her side as I look down at her. I sight taking in a deep breathe. I just wish I could say I am, I really don't know why Brenda wasn't here yet what's the use of them been vampire's if she is not even trying to find me I thought we have some kind of connections.

"Lucia darling", jazmine spoke taking my hand in hers intertwine our fingers, "look is not the time to think like that, your mate is really in a bad state not having her mate next to her, like the situation you are in right now it can kill both of you that's how strong the bound is", she told me holding my hand tighter.

"Brenda is trying her best to find you and I know that she is not herself as we speak right now because I know what the bound means between mates, do not lose hope now we have each other", she told me making me cry as I sobbed.

"I'm sorry is just I can't take it anymore",

"It's okay darling they will find us hopefully soon", she said.

"Lucia why is Uriel not back yet? Luke asked me as felt him moving close to me.

" Darling she will be back", I said opening my arms for him.

"I'm sorry for being so rude to you", he told me with his small voice as I look down at him ruffling his brown hair.

"It's okay darling, it's fine okay", I reassure him as I hug him.

do you know", jazmine ask me letting

face in my hand while the other one caresing on Luke's arm...." I'm

you know about angels?she asked me as I get confused not knowing where this talk coming

laugh. I blink my eyes not knowing

to protect us but mostly humans like you. You have a guardian angel", Luke said as

in spiritual rehelm to protect us from all the bad things, like from

you still lost you really don't know much about the other species", she said.

wasn't back yet and I'm feeling agitated a

so bad I hope when they find me she will be willing to turn me also .Just when we were back together when we find each other this should have happened why with me why could we just not be happy.

is up to I flinch recalling hearing her small voice call out for me she

and the angel? the alpha asked walking towards the truck were we sit on making me flinch as I hold tight on Luke

an angel jaz why are they calling uriel an angel? I asked still looking over my shoulder for the alpha

told me looking

question?the alpha with his white hair speak

little boy", I whisper kissing down on his

much so she said that the baby was hungry", mark pointed to me making me roll my

where are they", he growl, "how could you let her leave with them, do you have any ideas how strong that bitch are she is an angel for godsake",

out with widen eyes. I turn my head towards jazmine as I try to see her face expression

finally making sense now she was talking about uriel. But angels is in heaven and is impossible for angels be so close to us humans how

I blink my eyes looking at her, "you guys were talking about guardian angel tell me

"Lucia please" ,..

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