Lucia's POV

We finally came to a stop after driving how many km and I was hungry,thirsty, exhausted. I can't even explain how I feel. We all were tired and hungry and its been 10 days since I'm here and it's been full ten days I didn't have something like food on my lips rather then water.

My heart bleed out for this women and her small baby she's not going to survive if we don't get something to eat she should breastfeed her child but how if she doesn't have any food in her stomach. My stomach stared to growl as I hid my face between my cold dirty legs. I can't control letting so many people die of hunger.

I felt a huge pain and a hard lump sitting in my throat as I was trying so hard not to breakdown. I removed my head from between my legs and trying to breathe in some air to relax the lump siting in my throat. My heart was beating very fast and being here in the night as the night creatures snarling us through the tick trees making me wish that I wasn't at the party that night then I wouldn't have been here by now.

I move closer to uriel who had luke by her side who seem to be fast asleep not seeing what's going on around us. We were all still on the open truck while the others is sitting next to fires or some sleeping next to it.

It seems like they don't have a clue about the yellow glow eyeses staring at us through the trees. I sight relaxing that they supernaturals they knew even before I could see them. But why wasn't they doing anything maybe is not that horrible creatures going around and killing people.

"They can smell us, that's why they won't going to try anything stupid", I heard uriel speak up next to me as I turn my head to look at her furrowing my brows at her through the night. The moon giving us light as we were in a forest.

"What do you mean, can smell us? I asked her confusing running down my mind.

" Uh... Mm, I mean they can smell them. They know their are wolv's",she said sounding like she does not know what to tell me.

"Oh okay, I understand", I spoke up when I heard the baby start crying.

Her mother was so tired so I pick her up from her mother's lap and hold her close to my chest to keep her warm.

"Ssshh sssh, beautiful baby girl, you gonna wake your mummy up", I spoke to her.

"Isn't she cute? uriel asked me as I look amused at the baby. she is so small really she doesn't deserve to be in this hell of a place, she was starting to get quiet looking at me with her beautiful big eyes giving my heart flutters and a good feeling. To not give up in times  like this. She was my comforted in this like this, there was times I just wanted to jump of this truck as I don't want to be here anymore.

in front of us even in front of the little kids. How can you be so cruel, so cruel that you don't even

hope their okay. I wonder what Brenda is up to, I just hope she doesn't turn into a monster because I know she is going to kill everyone just to protect me and I don't

come and rescue us. She should have known where I'am by

from the tick trees making Luke to flinch as he screams. He has been through so many things his parents was killed in front of him by his own people who is giving the

okay dear", uriel spoke hugging him tightly as he sob into her chest while

owe me a answer uriel",

you mos is nothing, is just when their capture me their shot me

you an engel, it doesn't make any sense of do you guys know each other!?

said as she try so hard to

on her forehead as I glance toward her mother who is really tired. She looks so beautiful when she sleep making me think of my beautiful mate who

as I look down at her, "oh no baby girl what's  wrong now mmm, why are you crying, you

sit up straight, why is she

bitch make that child still or els she is next", I heard one of the wolf guard said making me frightening by his words. Both me and the mother eyes connect as she took the child from me and try to breastfees her by she

in my mind and caressing her while her mother try to breastfeed her. "she is not drinking I

she said trying hard to hold her nipple in the mouth of

heard someone spoke as I look from the truck to the

anything okay just try to keep her still, I will go and find us food", uriel said as my eyes widen in


trust me, I'm use to the forest. I need to go or els they will kill he", . She spoke

please don't go",

back", she said as she stood up carefully not to fall or step on

guards asked as he rise from the ground and shove of

stupid, I just need to go and find us some food so that she can eat to breastfeed the baby or els she not going to stop crying, please let me go or else one of you guys

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