The Vampire Teacher (GirlxGirl)

Chapter 88: Girlfriend

I was suddenly shaken awake, as i yawned feeling a headache running down my brains making me cry out. I hold  my head as i try to lift up my sore body which i couldn't understand why everything was so sore as flashes of yesterday running through my mind giving me another pain in my head, i grabbed my hair holding it tight between my fingers waiting for the pain to go away.

"My love are you okay, should i call the doctor?" jacky's sweet voice ask me out in concern.

I try to look up at her, i move my head slowly towards her direction seeing her sweet soft beautiful face with her beautiful blue eyes looking at me making my heart skip a beat so fast.

" yes I'm fine thank you." i smile looking away feeling the heat rise on my cheeks, "is just everything hurts thats all" i told her.

"Its fine dear, is just the after effect but im glad you fine, you scared me yesterday", she told me caressing my cheek as she turns my face to look at her.

I didn't know i would felt for her so soon and so hard. feeling  this way towards her my heart just couldn't stop beating every time i look at her. It's like she takes k my breath away just like that. My brown eyes met blue ones as we both just stare at each other saying nothing as i can't wipe away this burning feeling on my cheeks as i blink my eyes a few times seeing her smile making me look away from her again....

"You beautiful", she spoke in the most beautiful angelic voice turning my face again to look at her, "i really care for you chrissy and i want you to be my girlfriend", she asked a gasped escape through my lips as i look at her with widening eyes.

I blink my eyes still staring down at her to make sure that's she is not high or anything and that's she is talking the true and not trying to take me for a fool but nothing. All i see was concern and love sparkling down in her beautiful eyes. A beautiful smile crossed on her lips feeling her cold hands taking mine in hers feeling goosebumps rising on my arms.My eyes land on our hands as she holds tightly on it, "Chrissy do you mind being my girlfriend?" she asked me this time sounding so serious.

A lump trap down in my throat making it impossible for me to swallow as i try to get out the right words. I'm sure what I'm feeling and what i felt for this beautiful creature in front of me but who will really want so a destroyed, damaged girl as me. I can't let my past hold me back to be happy and everything. I look back up at jacky as she looks at me with more love and more i try to get out the words, "yes", i said... "yes it will be an honor to be your girlfriend", i told her when i was caught off guard with a hard hug making me giggle.

Happiness and all funny tingels running through my hole body, my head feels so heavy my heart was beating so fast. i can even feel  some movements just under my left breast making me swallow down the lump i have been holding back so long as i take slowly breaths to calm down my heart.

"You need to calm down my love, i can hear your heart beat", she said laughing down at me. As she kissed me all over my face as giggles running out of my mouth.

"Im trying but its just impossible while you so close to me", i told her while i take the blankets off me to get ready for fir the day.

"Is that so?" she asked looking at me with her left brow raised.

"Yes my darling love, whats happening today?" i asked,

"oh yes your beauty almost make me Forget why i was here in your room at the first place", i heard her making me furrowed my brows.

"So you not here because you want to check on me?" i asked her looking sad.

"Uh oh no no, i didn't mean it like that baby, i was here earlier but you look so beautiful when you sleep i didn't want to wake you. You see we all needed down there right away and you still need to go and wash that stingy sleepy breath of yours", she said making me gaspe she close her noise making me laugh at how silly she is.

"hey, I do not stink", i yell at her.

"All humans does and this is one of the things I hate being a vampire, we smell everything and its so disgusting", she said making me throw my pillow at her.

"You so nasty and since we do stink, no more touching and kissing me for this hole year", i told her and walk of towards the bathroom and lock the door behind me hearing her scream at me.

"You mad you know and it was a just joke", she said banging down on the bathroom door. I really didn't mean it baby girl come on I'm sorry. "she pleaded at the door making me smile.

I brush my teeth waiting for the shower's water to warm up I'm really in the mood for a hot shower to calm me down.

" Chrissy open up this door, please baby im really sorry", i heard  jacky.

I undress my self and throw my clothes in the laundry busket walking to the door and open it just a little and peek through it seeing her her sit down on my bed just before i could close the door she use her speed and slam the door open holding me up the wall with my arms above my head looking at me. I really sometimes forget that I'm inlove with a vampire. I feel her breath on my neck as she kiss down on my soft spot as i try to get out of her hold.

Having her this close to me was having a huge effect on me and she is enjoying it so much. My eyes close as i fell her soft cold lips running down my neck and on my collar bone smeling her honey scent. I gaspe feeling her cold fingers strailing up and down my naked body feeling how the coldness and the goosebumps rising on my body.

feeling the hotness down there making me moan as her lips got in contact with mine, she kiss me slow taking

call through the


to go

running down my face and body. My eyes widen in shock Jacky was naked but i didn't

hair back not knowing should i look at her of not.

look as you

eyes at her as she washed me which i really don't have a problem with me and lucia we always bathing or showering together. Something painful caught up in my heart, feeling

as i try to relax, i turn around not wanting jacky to

out of my eyes. My body already felt better all my muscles has relax, but i couldn't get rid of this lump in

som..etimes it doesn't even feel like she is gone, who would have take her and why, why her? i asked,

me", she spoke turning me around as i try to look at her through the water running down my face. I'm not sure is it the

pay to those  who has her. We will kill everyone

and be there for Brenda and Cathy, is not easy for them we can't break down like that. Lucia needs a family to come back home to", she said holding

me sit down on the bed..."please tell me when you do this", i ask

asked going

vampires so sexy? i asked looking down on the floor as she walks up to me with clothes in her

this but i could have done


on the lips. When you done can we go"? she asked holding out her

so kind, thank you", i said taking her


whisper close to my ears making it possible for me to feel her cold breath against my

i spoke feeling jacky's cold

"aslong as LJ is next to her

downstairs, isn't it?

not sure what her inner animal can do since yesterday. We not

if is not Brenda

you see as Brenda is not my sister", she

stairs as flashes of yesterday flooding through my head like someone is inprinting it into my head giving me huge pain making me Scream as i hold down on my head. Blood is all see people

as i just couldn't stop the pain as more flashes of my past coming in sight too,

cry out still holding tight on my head as i can't get

to be okay", she spoke as she lift me up feeling a cold wind giving me a dizzy feeling in

her"? i

from Jacky as she puts me down on

getting flashes", i heard someone said wait let me

growl coming from the person

for her but let Kat help her, she is in pain look at her, i remember the voice as

it hurts", i scream as the flashes still flooding, seeing how my parents been killed in front of me, the men walking slowly and slowly with

their just stop with the growling and yelling, "please help me", i

not hurting

was pull away from my head by struggle as i give up, "chrissy you need

wasn't ready for another pain but if its going to help then its fine and

flashes could she see thats making her like

in my head but it hurt every time I  wanna try, why does this voice sound so close to me like i have heard it before. Is not because he is Lucia's father, the

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