"Grandma." Tolu says as she knock on the door of a upstairs house very early in the morning, she had left Abuja and went to her dad's village to cool her mind off most of the things she had seen, she also wanted to seek advise from her Grandmother. A old woman using a walking stick while wearing a wrapper around her body opens the door, within a second Tolu hugs the woman.

"I've missed you Grandma." Tolu says, her voice was breaking down.

"I've missed you too, what happened? You don't look alright." Grandma says worried. Immediately Tolu got inside all her little cousins were still asleep so she was taken to a room to rest cause she looked really tired.

"We have a lot to talk about." Tolu says, she sits on the bed.

"After you rest." Grandma says softly and lays Tolu head softly on a pillow.

Tolu falls asleep within a minute, she suddenly had different dreams of her winning trophies, money at the station. One particular dream, Tolu is awarded a car and the team all come out of nowhere to celebrate with her.

"Guys!" Tolu says, she runs towards them. "I won a car." Tolu yells happily, the team couldn't move except Ayo.

"Why weren't you there?" Ayo asked sadly.