Chapter 18: PAPA

In 1940, Papa is in the Organization building sitting amongst other people of colour. They were all called by Bryan preparing to send them off for a very daring mission, the mission was described to them as a death race but they were willing to participate if any of them was able to win it meant they'll get a promotion and not work as servants anymore. Bryan walks in and they all bow down to greet him, he made it mandatory that anytime he passed their side they should pay due respect or else be killed.

"In our hunt to find every special powers your kind hold, we stumbled upon something but we lost track of it. It's a community of Hause people, they call themselves the "Taletikans." Everything is pretty primitive about them but there always give birth to a special child every 50years, we need to find that special child. None of the noble men and women here are ready to do it, so we're sending you people." Bryan says boldy, they all watch, they couldn't talk back or else they'll face the wrath of The Organization. Papa was determined to get to higher position, live a luxurious life, he swore that he'll get to the Taletikans by all means.

3months later, Papa has been living in the deep part of the forest haunting for the Taletikans. He still remained determined even though sometimes he was tired but he quickly remembered the type of life he could live if he was able to find the special child, he couldn't escape a chip had already been implanted on all their necks. One night after searching all day, Papa faints on the ground, a young man wearing a fur coat drags Papa leg.

Papa wakes up and finds himself in a tiny bit. He wasn't wearing the clothes he wore while he was awake, he was wearing animals fur around his body, a dark skinned woman also wearing animal fur with unique blue coloured tattoo walks in. She's shocked to see Papa awake, she was taking care of him while he was asleep, Papa sees a wooden stick laying on the floor and picks it up, he streches it towards toward the young lady face indicating that she should back off.

"Who are you?" Papa says, he was scared about where he was and how she looked. He wanted to run out of the hut but the lady was blocking the entrance. The lady didn't understand anything that Papa said, she only understood Hausa language.

"Kwantar da hankalinka, dan uwana ya same ka kwanciya a ƙasa." She was trying to tell him that her brother found him laying on the ground, Papa couldn't understand what she was saying still frightened he exhaled deeply.

"I don't understand what you're saying." Papa says quietly, he thought to himself of where he could be. He remembered vividly that he fainted, he looked at the lady dressing and the hut around them, it was filled with ornaments, bones and ancient relics Papa studied the Taletikans culture and immediately figures out is at the village.

"You speak another language, this is awkward." He drops the stick and moves closer to her, he tried to compose himself didn't want to mess up his only opportunity. The man who found Papa in the forest walks in quickly, he doesn't bother looking at Papa but faces the woman and scolds her in his language, the man looks at Papa and rolls his eyes in disgust, he walks out. The woman brings out a plastic plate from a counter and demonstrate how to eat with her hand.

"Ohh, food? I'm quite hungry." Papa touches his stomach as it rumbles really loud, the woman smiles and leads Papa out of the hut. Papa is outside in a tiny village filled with different huts with people mostly kids, lesser adults and few elders. There's a hugs wooden table standing in front of Papa and the lady, she drags him toward the table and he sits beside her.

"This is awkward." Papa looked very different from the other villagers, the kids were busy looking at him this made Papa really feel uncomfortable. The man who came into Papa's hut moves behind Papa and drops a cup of water for him on the table with a huge uncooked fish.

"I'll pass." Papa says and pushes the fish aside, the lady quickly displays eating the fish to Papa.

"I don't eat fish that isn't cooked." Papa says and smiles at her, he was happy that he found someone that could lead him around this unknown new world.

"Sha." The lady picks up a cup of water beside her and drinks it.