Chapter 5: JOHN

In Akure State, Richard and Ngozi suddenly appear in the middle of a all black huge factory. Ngozi hits Richard chest constantly with her hand vexed about what he just did.

"Why didn't you bring the others?" Ngozi is very anxious cause she knows they both can't handle this on their own, Richard is chilled about the situation and moves to the door of the factory.

"Cause they'll all start arguing again and ruin the fun." Richard says and enters the building Ngozi follows, inside they see different human body parts on the floor, Ngozi starts getting scared and she quickly summons Huffcupp for comfort. Richard isn't phased by this, he had seen a lot of body parts during his childhood and he grew up with people that enjoyed victimizing and terrorizing others.

"The person that owned this place is a creep." Ngozi says out of disgust, a old man with a walking stick comes out of the shadow.

"I'm not a creep." The man voice shakens as he talks, his dental teeth fall off he tries to pick it up but his back pains him so he doesn't move.

"I'll help you with that." Ngozi says and gently picks it up, gives it to the man, she feels pity for the man by just seeing him thinking he had a rough life.

"Do you own this place Sir?" Richard starts getting really serious, the man puts back his dental tooth in his mouth and responds.

"I did, as you can see the place is closed down." The man tries to get away from the conversation, he turns around and starts walking out.