The Undivulged Academy

Chapter 4: The Undivulged Academy

Ian's POV

I swung the huge double door open and marched into the room. Scott still laid asleep on the four post bed. He looked so young and innocent beneath those white sheets. His ginger hair was disheveled and some strands fell over his visage.

The rays of the sun was sneaking through the space between the closed curtains. I made my to them and slid them open. I winced when the rays shone brighter on my eyes. Turning around, I sat on the armchair next to the high windows.

Scott shuffled in the sheets and swerved in my direction. His eye lids shook and shot them open. Raising his hand above his head, he sat up. He was in a white pajama.

He glanced around the room, his eye widening and brows locking occasionally. He seemed to be stunned by the elegance of the room. I mean, who wouldn't be?

The curtains were made of the most expensive silk one could find in the market. The walls were painted white and the pillars at both sides of the door were of perfect gold. The veins of the sun bounced off their surface. The mosaic tiles was a combination of gold and white. Torches placed on the walls were also made of the finest gold.

He moved back on the bed when he noticed me on the chair. "What are you doing here?" He peruses the room. "What is the place?"

"The undivulged academy."

"Never heard of it."

I twirled a hand in the air. "I guess the name explains that."

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