Chapter 1145

Xyla picked up the laptop. She looked at the screen and a message popped into her vision.

[I’ll be waiting for you )

One month later, Xyla was invited to attend an event by a high luxury brand in Yaramoor. She wore a custom-made dress by Somnus Star. It was a dress spotted with star rhinestones that would phase from light blue to dark blue. There was a silk scarf falling from her shoulders that swayed with her movements. She stood on the red carpet with a smile on her face and waved at the media reporters. After that, she walked with the staff to the autograph wall to put on her autograph.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the

crowd. Xyla turned her head and saw Yorrick walking in her direction with the people from the brand maker.

The man with broad shoulders and narrow waist who walked in an upright position at the center was the one whom she had not seen for a whole month. Under the flashes, his features were carved to perfection, and the people beside him were pale in comparison to him.

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