Chapter 1135

The bodyguard was a little embarrassed.” Ms. Mayweather, please don’t say that. Actually-” He was about to respond to Xyla’s appreciation when he saw Yorrick appearing at the door and stopped halfway. “Mr. Hathaway?”

Xyla turned to look at him. “Hey, you’ve woken up?”

Yorrick frowned. “Why aren’t you resting? And what are you doing, running around the hospital?” “I’m only mildly injured. My legs and feet are fine, so why do I need to rest?” Xyla rubbed her shoulder and continued. “Your bodyguard is suffering from worse injuries when compared to me. He’s the one who needs more rest.”

Yorrick took a deep breath. “Then why are you here disturbing his rest?”

She choked on her words. “I-I’m only here to thank him. We would have died already if it weren’t for his exceptional driving skills.” “Mr. Hathaway…” The bodyguard took a glance at Yorrick. It seemed like he had something to tell him, but it was something he could say to him and to him alone.

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