Chapter 1134

“There are another two fragments that I have to remove, so please bear with me, miss.” The doctor discarded the bloodstained shard into a stainless steel tray and moved on with the procedure while the nurse standing next to the bed held her down.

Xyla’s face was pallid, her lips and teeth chattered, and her forehead was soaked with sweat.

After the last piece was taken out, the nurse cleaned her wounds and applied local anesthetic again before attending to her stitches.

Xyla turned her face away. Although she could not feel the pain that she felt when the doctor was pulling the fragments out when the nurse was stitching the wound up, the sting that she felt from time to time still made her hiss.

Yorrick broke into the ward. He did not even have the time to put on his jacket, and his tie looked crooked. His white shirt was soaked in sweat and was sticking to his athletic body, making his well-built muscles subtly visible.

He covered his face with his palm and took a deep breath as if he was trying to suppress his inner emotions. He then walked to the bedside after calming down.

The nurse was applying gauze to the wound. Xyla’s back was facing the door of the ward. Her blouse was half undone, exposing her left shoulder and arm. She was so focused that she was only paying attention to the nurse who was patching her up, and she did not notice Yorrick’s existence at all.

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