Chapter 1133

The bodyguard nodded. “Ms. Jinks died in a car accident. It’s because of Ms. Jinks’s death that Mr. Hathaway is…”

The bodyguard did not complete his sentence, but Xyla already knew what he was going to say.

“Yorrick has become a playboy who’s constantly wandering in between women only because of the death of his beloved first love . No wonder… That’s why he would react in such a way when he saw the woman who resembles Sharon just now.

“But isn’t this the best outcome that I can hope for? I’ll definitely be spared as long as Yorrick falls in love with that woman named Sherrie because of her appearance. I’ll be able to leave him for good if that’s the case, won’t l?’

Xyla lowered her gaze.

‘But that’s strange, why don’t … Why am I not as delighted and looking forward to it as I imagined?’

The bodyguard hurriedly turned the steering wheel, and a car hit them directly out of the blue!

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