Chapter 1141

Yorrick kept silent.

Nolan chuckled and said, “I have to say you’re good at pretending. For the Persian Gulf project, why don’t you-* “You’re so annoying.” Yorrick interrupted as he turned around to look at Nolan. His face was drenched cold as he frowned annoyingly.

Nolan walked into the ward and sat down on a chair. “I didn’t expect that the womanizer Mr. Hathaway would end up like this for a woman.”

Yorrick leaned against the window. His heart was so cold that he couldn’t feel the coldness seeping into him from the cold rain.” Ridiculous, isn’t it? I also find it ridiculous.”

He said, “It’s ridiculous that I would let a woman into my heart after only knowing her for three months, right? She isn’t very pretty either. Although I have to admit that she has a nice body shape, she has a nasty personality. She may look smart on the surface, but she’s just a naive and innocent girl deep down.” While playing with his watch, Nolan lifted his head to look at Yorrick but didn’t say anything.

He set his gaze at the world outside the window, and his eyes were dull. “I care for her because she’s as innocent as Sharon. Initially, I was just teasing her,”

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