Chapter 1139

“You’re my mother who gave birth to me and brought me up, so I can’t do anything to you. As for my life, all I can do is return it to you.”

Yorrick’s eyes were stale. “Mom, out of 37 years of my life. I lived 25 of them under your control. I’ve never hated you because you genuinely love me, but I can’t handle your love anymore. Sharon was innocent. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have fallen for her.

“Xyla is innocent. It was my fault for getting close to her. But what did you do? If I destroy myself, will you stop?’

“Yorrick… put the gun down. Listen, son, you’re my life. I can’t live without you-‘Yuna shook her head violently. She had never felt suffocated like this. Her son was

holding a gun to his own head and threatening her with his own life.

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