Chapter 19

Maisie took a glance at Willow, put down the pearl necklace in her hand, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised. “I didn’t order this batch of mock-ups, so I won’t take this fall.” 


Willow came over and grabbed Maisie’s hand. “Zee, you should tell the truth. After all, Vaenna is still your father’s company. You mustn’t destroy your father’s efforts, right?”

“I’m telling the truth.” Maisie kept a straight face while pulling her hand away, took the pearl bracelet, and walked to the lady. “Madam, you’ve bought fake jewelry from Vaenna, and I know you’re not in the mood. After all, you’ve paid for it with your money, and that means something.

“But don’t worry, I can’t allow Vaenna’s reputation to be dragged through the mud because of some fakes. I promise that not only will your money be refunded, but you can also bring a genuine product back after I’ve gotten to the bottom of this incident.”

The lady was stunned. It was only natural for her to accept this arrangement willingly as she would be able to get her money and beloved jewelry back.

“That’s fine by me, but tell me now, what’s the matter with this counterfeit? We only want to get a statement from you today.”

Maisie walked to the staff of the purchasing department. “I did tell you that you’ll be held responsible if something wrong were to happen to this batch of material when I handed over the purchase order to you, right?”

The clerk of the purchasing department was dumbfounded and lowered her head. “But the materials are indeed ordered according to your order slip.”

“Yes, Zee, the purchasing department just ordered according to the order that you handed to them, so how can you blame them for when something has gone wrong?”

“Otherwise, should I blame you?” Maisie raised her gaze.

and her expression

deep down that Vaenna was a company that Maisie’s mother had founded, and it should be

about jewelry knows about the company Jade Mountain Co., the supplier that I wrote on the order slip. All the rough stones of the fine diamonds and jade used by half of Bassburgh’s jewelry companies come from Jade

are indeed top-notch. The

stones of Jade Mountain Co. can’t be

very little in the market. Its price is not as high as gold, silver, and diamond, and its quality can be categorized into high

crystals are only worth approximately $400–600 per ounce, while the price

some math with her fingers and asked all of a sudden, “Then is the crystal in my pearl

ordinary crystals.” Maisie smiled and looked back at the employee of the purchasing department. “You’ve been working in


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“They did buy it from Jade Mountain Co., but now that

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soon noticed that everyone’s gaze did not look right, and

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the company Jade Mountain Co. back when you took over Vaenna Jewelry? Don’t go around telling others that the raw materials of Jade Mountain Co. are fake when you have meager knowledge about them. You’re not only offending the owner of Jade Mountain Co. but

Someone even burst into laughter secretly after Maisie said

Mountain Co. and question them. But if this batch of material did not come from Jade Mountain Co., it means that someone is trying to tear the company apart. If that’s the case, I won’t

saying so, Maisie’s gaze seemed to drop on and off Willow. “I worked in the jewelry design industry while I was in Stoslo. I’ve gotten my hands on gold, silver, diamonds, gems, carnelian, and

the purchasing department. “It’s time to replace

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