The Supreme Harvey York

Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 3378

Chapter 3378

The doctor cracked a smile when the Indians started questioning him.

“Don’t panic, everyone. I have my identification right here.

“Please have a look.”

The doctor brought out a laptop and handed it over to the Indians.

The Indians let out sighs of relief after seeing the doctor’s actions. They were fully convinced that the doctor was legitimate.

But the moment the Indians let their guard down, the doctor waved his hands, dropping every single can and bottle from the cart.

A pungent smell slowly wafted after a small explosion was heard.

The few Indians in front had no time to react to the situation. As soon as they inhaled the gas, they immediately fell to the ground while white foam came out of their mouths.

The rest of the Indians changed their expressions before pulling their firearms out.

“Don’t move!”

“Who the hell are you?!”

face while hearing the threat. He waved his hands before


as the Indians fell to the ground while holding

Indians were all heavily injured, the doctor kicked the door open and marched right


when the scalpel pierced him. He had drawn his last

“You b*stard!”

do that

able to use their firearms, but they still had a spare hand to

they would be done if they could not arrest

face was finally revealed under the

recognized that

“Harvey York!”

“You b*stard!”

you kill Young Master

them had previously

when they realized who

Bang bang bang!

a firearm out of someone’s hand and shot three Indians dead, then ran

clear from the fluid motions that the doctor was an expert.


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