After the two of them plunged into the bed, Logan turned over and trapped Lola under his shadow.

Facing him directly, Lola cupped his face and kissed his lips.

Her gesture was inviting, so Logan couldn’t hold it back anymore and hurriedly stripped both of them bare.

Sometimes, Lola thought that many things in life couldn’t be planned. For example, in the past, whenever she had to raid Logan’s clubhouse, she was disdainful of a man like him, and she secretly thought that she would never fall in love with such a man no matter what.

However, life took an unexpected turn as she eventually married exactly this man.

She also thought that she would never engage in physical love before marriage because this was forbidden in her hometown. However, when the time came, she never resisted his advance.

in bed. After he

Before she

the other end hastily said, “I heard that

in a groggy state, Logan and Lola couldn’t make out who the other

calls from her relatives who congratulated her, so when she heard that question, she reflexively grunted and

was dark, and the screen was too bright, so she couldn’t

like he was sneering. “I knew it. I heard that the Jeffersons are able to give you a seven-figure

Lola finally knew who was on the other end of the phone. Although she still couldn’t see the name on the screen clearly, nor could she identify the voice, she was certain that

which was in his hand, and

uttering a word, Lola pushed Logan gently, hinting at him

Logan never did so as he wanted to know what

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