The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 884 I Am Married

Casey heard the sound from outside and immediately frowned. He did not expect that Vermilion Bird would come so soon.

He walked away from the computer and walked to the door. When he opened it, he saw Vermilion Bird standing in front of the door with an angry face and three powerful men standing behind her.

Casey easily felt the three men’s power, so he confirmed that the three people already reached the sublimation, and two of them looked not like ordinary master. They must have gone beyond the level of the initial stage of the sublimation.

Vermilion Bird immediately stared at Casey. Think of that her three brothers said she was fancy on Casey, she was angry. How could she take fancy on him?

“These three are my brothers, and they are the most powerful in the pantheon. Apologize to me now, I spare you one based on your talent, or my three brothers would not let you go.” Said Vermilion Bird.

Casey looked at the three men behind her and then fixed his eyes on Vermilion Bird, not showing weakness, “I did not do anything wrong, why should I apologize to you?”

Vermilion Bird immediately got furious, “You touched my thigh, and you still said you did nothing wrong?”

“I've explained to you that I don't care that much in a battle.” Casey explained.

“See? He is so shameless, and now he has a reason.” Vermilion Bird turned around and said to the three.

Casey did not feel that he said something wrong, thinking that if the three really want to make him a hard time, he would fight with them. Even if he lost, he would not take the blame.

Azure Dragon heard Vermilion Bird’s words and immediately smiled, and then he directly went to Casey and said, “Bro, let's go in to talk.”