The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 410 If There Was An Afterlife

Recognizing the voice on the other side of the phone, Lucas froze on the spot with complex expression for a long time, as if he was a pause puppet.

“Dad, you… you’re kidding with me, right? Our family at least are the number two in B City. How could we be all washed up in a blink?” Lucas asked again after a while.

“Do you understand the influence of Davies family and Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce? The Holmes family is just a tiny aunt in comparison with them! They wouldn’t even notice our existence even if I spooned our money to them. You are such a good son, just offended both at one time directly. From now on, no bothering coming home and you’re no son to me!”

The call was hung up as soon as the sentence finished in wrath. Lucas stared blankly ahead and didn’t pay attention to his hand, not aware of dropping the phone on the ground.

“The young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, the member of Davies family. Isn’t here J City, A rinky-dink little place? Why people in that league would show up here?”

Lucas mumbled to himself, and then turned to look at the way of Casey and Lily, swallowed unconsciously. The man was all taken over by dread.

Crowds of onlookers didn’t surprise at Lucas’s response. For they knew, messing up with Casey was never going to end well. Though no one knew what exactly Casey had done to Lucas, the result went back clearly.

Next second, Lucas just knelt in great regret before Casey and begging, “Brother Casey, I was wrong, please spare my family. I didn’t mean to hurt somebody, just was not that polite when talking to that lady. I was such an dumbass and please punish me instead, no need to weep my whole family out. It was not easy for the Holmes family to get the place they were at now. Please don’t let that all going down with me!”

The crowd gasped at those words from Lucas and looked towards Casey in shock and in mixed feelings.

All they saw was a call made by Casey, which people didn’t know what he had said, and the next second Lucas knelt before Casey and begging. Until then, the crowd had come to the sense that Casey had just wept out the whole the Holmes family.

“Holy crap, that was unbelievable. Just a call could do that?”

“What… what? That was no kidding!Was this guy bragging about his ‘glorious’ family background just now? Well, one call by Casey could just destroy a family like that?”

“The Holmes family must be greater than Gray family if it was the case in J City? Casey could do that through one call? That was hot!!”

“No wander Gray family was acting that respectful in front of Casey. He must have an unusual relationship with Davies family. One call could command Davies family to finish a upper class family in B City---could he be the successor of Davies family?”


People around were in both shock and curiosity, trying to figure out the connection between Casey and Davies family, most of whom believed it was highly possible that Casey was the successor of Davies family.

They would be jaw-dropping if they knew Casey in the flesh was the current Lord of Davies family.

“One chance had already been given to you and sadly you didn’t take it. There was no going back for that. You made your choice and you yourself must bear the responsibility.” Casey answered in cold voice.

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listening to everything you say and love you and only you for the rest of my life.” Lily lifted up her head with tears in both eyes, answered in a

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