The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 407 Casey Misunderstood Lily

In the apartment, Lily stood at the door for a long, long time, reverberating in her ears what Casey said before leaving.

"Don't pretended to be pathetic. It's not touching."

Lily didn't know what she had done wrong, and why Casey would say so.

She was slapped for no reason, feeling wronged and couldn't help crying. Why did she pretend to be pitiful?

She didn't want to touch anyone. Was it a sin to feel wronged and want to cry?

Most importantly, she didn't understand why Casey slapped her. He found her, only left a slap, a word, and turned around and left. It was easy to imagine how much harm it would do to a person who had been missing him for so long

Did he do this to cut off her feelings him?

If this was the case, he was too cruel.

Since the day of Casey's wedding, Lily had stayed in J City. She wanted to experience what it was like to live in the same city with the person she liked.

At the beginning, she thought that whatever she liked, she would get it anyway, even if she had to use some means.

But then she thought about the TV series she watched, those who got the one they liked in a variety of ways never ended well.

She really thought about starting with Edith and letting Edith leave Casey, so that she had a chance.

But then she understood that doing so would only increase Casey's dislike of her. What she wanted was to make Casey really like her through her own efforts, instead of destroying Casey's existing relationship and robbing him.

So, during this time Lily had been alone, walking around the streets of J City alone. She didn't even want to disturb Casey and Edith.

Of course, she was looking forward to Casey's discovery that she was also living in this city. She wanted to have an encounter with Casey, even if Casey brought Edith with him, she wouldn't mind.

Casey did find her today, but the reality was not as good as she thought. Casey didn't bring her a beautiful encounter, but only gave her a slap and a cold heartbreaking sentence.

After a long time, she finally couldn't help it, sobbing and crying, which caused several neighbors to come out to see her.

Lily returned to the house, closed the door heavily, and was on the sofa. She was tearful.

"Casey, bastard, bastard. Dare you beat me! I won't let you go. I am not so easy to mess with, I will definitely separate you and Edith. Since you make me so uncomfortable, I won't make you feel better!"


the evening, Casey walked on the road alone. After the whole day, he


had thought about it many times, and found that there were indeed many questionable points in it. It was really possible that

at least talk to Lily first,

he was really frustrated at that moment, so he didn't control himself and directly slapped

now, Casey also regretted, he hadn't been so impulsive for

hesitating, Casey walked into the apartment. The security guard at the door

guard saw Casey coming over, ran over, nodded and bowed his waist and said, "Sir, are you going

at him, and then walked

a little nervous. If he really misunderstood

1803, Casey was taken aback for a moment. The door did not close, but was left open, and he could see what was inside at a

one living room and one bedroom, and there was no

the house and saw the black classic long skirts that Lily had bought scattered all over the floor. She seemed to have a

signs of depressions on the sofa, and Lily should have been huddled on the sofa and crying

sighed helplessly. It seemed

would come back, but Casey knew Lily. She was the eldest lady

really wanted to leave, except for those necessary, she

turned off.


CZ Community.

to the door of the room and knocked on the door. Soon, Amara, whose faces were swollen on both sides, walked over and opened the door. After seeing Casey standing outside the door, she closed the

over, opened the door, and walked inside

enter our house, he will bring disaster to

"In fact, most of our family troubles are caused by you. In fact, you are

low, it was still heard by

table directly, stretched out her hand to grab Nicholas' ears, and yelled, "Get out of here now. You are so ingrate! Do you have a say

and asked Casey what he would like to eat tonight. As

Casey was not in a good mood, so she asked, "How

but it

have the qualification

of it, she suddenly became a little sad. Although she knew that someone was deliberately making a trap, what

figured it out yet, so it's not suitable to

upset, after being was beaten by Casey, she only dared to curse Casey, not daring to really

wanted to talk to Casey about her recent thoughts at night, and wanted to

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