The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter167 The Davies Family Come To Propose Marriage.

Albie looked at Francis with a stupefied look, and murmured "Conor". Suddenly, he remembered something, and his body stiffened.

"The Emperor of the Underground World in J City? Why, why would he help Edith..." Albie couldn't accept this result.

He originally thought he had absolute certainty today and would kick Edith out of the company. After he took over the project of TY Group, Edith would no longer be qualified to fight him.

Grayson had also told him that he would definitely not lower the price for Edith. However, it happened that at this time, Jiangma Building Materials Factory was transferred to Conor.

Was this really just a coincidence?

Albie recalled that he had been against Edith several times before. Not once did Edith really get in trouble. Instead, he was the one who was in trouble every time.

He used to think it was because Edith was lucky. However, after several times, he had to wonder if he had no capital to compare with Edith at all?

But Edith in the past was just a little better at work. Albie thought he was not much different from her, and he had a lot of contacts, it was easy to beat Edith.

Why had he lost to Edith many times?

Was there anyone who helped Edith secretly?

Albie's gaze fell on Casey. If there was really someone who was helping Edith, then Casey would be the only one.

But Casey was obviously just a wimp. Was it possible that he was not as good as a wimp?

Albie gritted his teeth, the resentment in his heart turned into murder. He even wanted to kill Edith to clear the obstacles of inheriting the Patel family.

Everyone in the Patel family saw Francis furious with Albie. Then all of them felt that Albie's performance was a little too bad.

"Albie didn't do well recently. Since Francis has an antique exhibition, Albie has not let him rest assured."

"That's right. Before he went to the south to practice, I thought he was getting better. However, I found out that he actually had the same temperament as the beggars on the street, which made me very puzzled."

"If he goes on being like this, how can he inherit the Patel family's property? Francis will definitely worry about letting him take over the Patel family."


Hearing everyone's talk, Albie felt a deep sense of frustration. He glanced at Edith and Casey, always feeling that they were mocking him.

"Albie, you should not intervene in the company's affairs in the future. You are not ready to take over the company. Before you are ready, the company's affairs will be handled by Edith," Francis said.

"Grandpa..." Albie immediately wanted to refute.

Francis glared at him and said, "There is no discussion about this matter. Go back and reflect on your own problems. You are so old, and you should think about what you should do."

hint of malice in his eyes as he looked

the second thing I want to say today." Francis adjusted his

also strained their ears. At that time, they knew that the second thing Francis was going to

someone to the Patel family next week to announce one thing. If it is as expected, it should be about the gift

excited. His dissatisfaction at that moment was gone. Although this was just his guess, he couldn't think of any other reasons for

everyone in the living room heard Francis' words, they were all surprised. They didn't expect that after

of the most excited was naturally Nyla. After hearing

Davies family is

smiled and said, "If I guessed correctly, they should come for this. Nyla, you have to be prepared at that time and you can't

worry, grandpa. I will must be well-dressed that day and I will definitely meet the people of the Davies family

at Nyla with envy. If the Davies family really came

blessed. She gets favor of the Davies family. We

Nyla is blessed. Unlike Edith, she married to Casey, who

the Davies family. Although their surnames are


make it solemn, so that they can know the sincerity of our family. This matter is assigned to Edith. You can take the money in the company account and must be well-prepared

"Yes, grandpa," Edith responded.



was equivalent to confronting him directly, he was not angry. After all, the Davies family was likely to come to propose marriage and Nyla would become a member of the Davies family. Even

happiness. Edith has always been at odds with me. You know it too. If she is responsible

said unconvinced, "Nyla, do you think I

She started yelling at me right now. It's because she is jealous that I'm going to marry the Davies

was ready to explode.

and held her shoulders, and said, "Don't get angry with her, she won't

do you know?"

her. This time the Davies family is not coming for

a marriage this time, you will need her help in the future. Don't talk to her like

and said, "I

full of pride, and then said to Francis, "Grandpa, this matter should be left to Albie. He is the heir of the Patel family. Naturally, he

that Nyla wanted him to do this,

hesitated because of the


a price that is 10% below the market price? Conor is the Emperor of the Underground World in J City. Why

squinted his eyes, and a trace of doubt arose in his mind. He really didn't understand why Conor would

ability is really good, but she is not good enough to ask the Emperor of the Underground World in J City for help. Is it possible that she used


didn't expect Edith to do such a thing in

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