The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 394 Mend My Way

Eliana opened the door and saw Walter and others outside the door. He was a little scared and involuntarily stepped back two steps.

"Obviously, you are in arrears with my rent. Is it wrong for me to go to the police? Why are you so arrogant? You're being utterly unreasonable," Although afraid, Eliana summoned up the courage to shout at the bald man.

Walter and his men laughed immediately, as if they thought Eliana's words were funny.

"Don't you know how great our boss is? Do you reason with us? Aren't you funny?"

"In old town, everyone has to give compliment to him. It is your honor that we rent your house. Dare you ask our boss for money."

"I advise you to give our boss money as soon as possible to express your respect for him, otherwise no one will dare to rent out your house in old town."


Eliana was even more angry when she heard the words of Walter's. He didn't expect these people to be so shameless and even want her to give them money.

"You rent my house and ask me for money, you are really too much!" Eliana shouted at Walter.

"I am too much? You may..." A sullen smile appeared on Walter's face.

At this time Casey walked to the door, and Walter saw Casey, the smile on his face stopped abruptly.

'Fuck! How could he come out from inside?'

'Could it be that he has something to do with this landlady? No matter what the relationship is, as he can enter Eliana's home, he must be very close to her.' Walter thought.

Casey was the one Dylan didn't dare to mess with. Yesterday in KTV, Dylan clearly told him not to provoke this person, otherwise he might die.

He originally thought that Casey came here yesterday to find Freddie, and today he didn't come to trouble Freddie, but a weak landlady. He didn't expect to run into Casey again.

Leaving aside the words Dylan warned him, the man in front of him could beat up a group of people. People came with him yesterday were still lying on the bed, and he was okay as he was strong.

Casey didn't expect that the one who came to trouble Eliana was Walter. It seemed that Walter was an active figure in old town.

Walter stared at Casey, swallowed, then bit back the words he would like to have said, and then quickly changed his tone, "You are right. We are a bit too much, and even I feel sorry for you."

moment. She originally thought that Walter would say something cruel, but she did not expect him

Walter also didn't understand what was going on. They weren't the

no matter how much we are, no

"Get the hell out of here, there is no place for you to talk. If

the people saw Walter suddenly get angry, although

finished teaching his subordinates and turned to look at Casey and Eliana again, with a smile on his

bit bad. That's because I was in bad mood at that time, I hope you can forgive

have called the Dylan, and knew that he was not easy to mess with, so after seeing him, he

pay the rent to her?

be that

Eliana noticed that Walter glanced at Casey, and she also glance at Casey, thinking that Walter's attitude had only changed after

Walter afraid of

was confused. Wasn't Casey just a worker in construction

sure you want to pay me the rent?" Eliana

quickly and said, "Yes, yes. If I don't pay the rent to you, I can't sleep well at night. I've already planned

pay the rent, but there must be a reason. You must first tell me why you

saw Casey making a look at him. He immediately understood what Casey meant and said, "I was primed with good advice yesterday, which made me understand the meaning of being a human being, so I decided to mend

you is rent, not something harmful to you, how come you question

that this matter must have something to

of rent, and Walter took out the money

as possible. When he left, he secretly

turned to look at Casey on the

talking. How could it be because of me? I'm just a

Casey made Walter so scared without saying a word. Didn't it prove

didn't explain to Eliana again. Seeing that the so-called

and knocked on the door again, Freddie came over and asked who

choice but to return to the

Freddie went out once, and Casey quickly followed up, but found

found Casey following him, and said to Casey specifically, "It's useless for you to follow me. I won't tell

the evening, when Ophelia came back from work, Eliana directly dragged her

excited, did Walter bother you

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