Moon woke up the next day earlier than Ocean. He looked down at his angel still asleep upon him. He stroked her cheek and she slowly opened her eyes. She gave him a wide smile and pecked his chest.

Moon: Morning beautiful.

Ocean: Good morning.

Moon: How are you?

Ocean: I'm fine as long as I'm with you.

She said with a cute smile on her face. He kissed her forehead and smiled.

Ocean: What was that? I mean last night, I mean those wolves, they weren't normal.

Moon: No, they weren't normal, they weren't even wolves. They were werewolves.

Ocean: Okay wait, werewolves are real too? Then Dracula, vampires, witches, fairies and mermaids would be real as well?

Ocean asked eagerly. Moon chuckled and sat up on the bed. Ocean was now sitting on his lap. She laid her head on his shoulder and he pulled her even closer.

Moon: I'm not so sure about all of them but I know witches are real.

He kissed her cheek and she giggled. He mentally awed hearing her soft melodious giggled. He rubbed the tip of his nose on her cheek and she giggled even more.

Moon: You are everything to me. You have no idea how much I felt lost when you left New Orleans with your parents. My life was colorless without you.

Ocean looked at him. Confusion visible on her beautiful face.

Moon: You remember when you had visited your uncle 6 years ago?

Ocean nodded her head and he continued.

Moon: You went to the forest for a picnic. That day you went to the lake and that was the very first time I saw you. I followed you all day but when I saw you leaving, I was out of control. I tried so hard to stop you but I failed. And after when you left, I was devastated. I was actually the one who hit your car so I could see you for a bit longer.