Both Xanta and his nephew, beta Daniel could smell them. Their worst enemies. But it was like Alpha Zeus couldn't even smell them. He kept driving without sparing them a single glance. He stopped the truck in front of a huge mansion. It was almost like a castle. Alpha Zeus stepped out of the truck and half shifted into his wolf. His eyes glowed golden and he roared loudly. Hearing his loud roar all the creatures of the Redfords territory circled around his truck. One of them tried to lunge himself on Alpha Zeus but he growled loudly. Hearing his loud and powerful growl, he stopped in mid way. They all heard a clap and everyone bowed their heads in respect for their Master.

Zeus turned around to look at him. His eyes widened as he looked at the person standing in front of him. He shifted back into his human form and walked closer to that man. He fished out the ring Vivian gave him and showed it to that man.

Alpha Zeus: I am Alpha Zeus. I am the one who rules over New Orleans. I am sent here by the enchantress Vivian. She gave me this ring. You must be Vincent Redford?

Seeing that ring, Vincent nodded his head and signalled his creatures to calm down.

Vincent: Calm down my people. They are not here to harm us. They are our guests. Serve them the best of the Redfords. Show them how hospitable we are.

Vincent said it and all the creatures welcomed beta Daniel and Xanta. Vincent looked at Zeus and invited him into his mansion. Zeus followed him behind without a single word. Vincent could feel the thousand questions in Zeus' mind but he didn't ask him anything. He led him into a big hall and locked the door. They both sat down on the couches.

Master Vincent: What brought you here?

Alpha Zeus: My brother's sickness brought me here.

Zeus replied but his eyes were still scanning the face of the old man in front of him. Vincent smiled and cleared his throat.

Master Vincent: Are we that similar that you can't take your eyes off of my face Wolf?

Alpha Zeus: Who are you? I mean, what is he yours?

Zeus asked in confusion. Vincent's smile faded away from his eyes. Zeus could see hurt in his eyes.

Master Vincent: He is my blood. He is my flesh. He is my grandson.