Everything came back to normal, Moon was now more close to his family than before. He trusted Ocean even more. It was their final year in high school. They both were excited. Ocean was happy to have Moon around her all the time. But Maria was worried about Moon. She started noticing his behavior was changing. He was angry all the time. So many times he even had shouted at Maria. She even had told Derek about it but he brushed it off saying she is just more worried about her son. Once Maria asked Ocean about Moon's behavior with her. She just shrugged her shoulders and said he was perfectly fine with her. It was strange, Moon was always normal around Ocean, but hyper if she wasn't around.

It was Moon's 18th birthday. Everyone was very happy. Ocean's birthday was two months later but they decided to celebrate their 18th birthday together. Everyone gathered at Kart's mansion. Zeus brought them special clothes. For Moon, he brought white tux with black shirt and bowtie. And for Ocean, he brought white knee length fluffy dress. It was evening when both Moon and Ocean made their ways to Moon's bedroom. Moon laid on the bed and signalled Ocean to use the bathroom first. She stepped into the bathroom and peeled off her clothes. She filled the tub with warm water and added her favorite moonlight path fragrance in the water. She hopped into the water. As soon as the hot water touched her body, she moaned softly. It soothed her tensed muscles and she relaxed in the water for a few minutes. Then she washed her hair and her body. She stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her body. She dried her hair and stepped out of the bathroom. As soon as she stepped out, Moon inhaled the air deeply which was filled with Ocean's scent. He smiled as her original scent hit his nostrils. He tried to get closer to her but she pushed him away.

Ocean: If we get late, Zeus will eat you alive.

She reminded him and he ran into the bathroom. She giggled and wore her dress. She applied some makeup on her face and wore her shoes. Moon stepped out of the bathroom and came into the closet where Ocean was brushing her hair. She saw Moon walking towards her and held her hair up. She pointed her finger at the zipper of her dress. He chuckled and went to her.

Moon: You look amazing, stunning, beautiful. I don't have words to define.

He whispered in her ear while zipping her dress. She smiled and hid her face in her palms. He removed her palms and found her cheeks pink along with the tip of her nose. He opened his arms for her. She turned around and wrapped her arms around his waist. He also wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his wet chest.

Moon: You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are the Moon of my dark night.