The Medallion

Chapter 1223 Release A Ferocious Ghost

However, Rocky somehow felt that there seemed to be a lot of strong auras coming from the stone chamber. It reminded him of the way he felt in the Ethereal Void Cave before.

"Wait, let me go to the other side first," Rocky said with a frown on his face. He was obviously wary of his situation. Ever since the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast told him not to be reckless, he was extremely cautious in his every move.

Rocky went to the passage on the other side and found several more stone chambers. The doors were also closed, and it looked like they were tightly sealed. There were also some writings on the doors that he couldn't decipher.

"The remains of Glutton must have been sealed in one of these stone chambers, but which one is it?" Rocky murmured. He couldn't understand the writings on the stone doors. Since the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast was now in deep sleep, he had to figure it out on his own. It would be too slow if he opened the stone chambers one by one. Maybe there was something dangerous behind one of the doors. So, he had to find a less risky way.

'The corpse of Glutton is sealed by Divine King Belial, and the evil power inside me originates from him. Perhaps, I can use the evil power within me to determine which stone chamber the corpse is sealed, ' Rocky thought to himself. It was the only idea he could think of. He came up with the idea because the evil power inside him had once resonated with the Demonic Soul Cauldron held by Divine King Belial before.

With this idea, Rocky stood still and released the evil power within him. It spread around, enveloping several stone chambers. Soon enough, he sensed that there were many strange forces in the chambers that resonated with his evil power.

"It's not this one.

Not this one either. Huh?

Where in the hell is it?"

front of one of the chambers because he sensed the aura of Glutton from

hand on the door. The

pillar was topped with strange objects. All these strange objects emitted an incredibly strong evil aura. What was even more intriguing was

a small bone pile in the innermost part of

Glutton," Rocky said to himself as he walked over. The pile was the only thing in

to try to remove the seal, he suddenly heard a strange sound from the far left side of the chamber. He couldn't help but look back and check out where the sound was coming from. On

a ringing sound in his ears. It was like a magical tune, and its

stone, he heard a piercing voice saying, "Let me out right now. I will

amber stone. The moment

light immediately illuminated the entire chamber. The other sealed

As he looked at the unsealed amber stone in front of him, he knew he had made a terrible mistake. His expression darkened and he

were about to break out of it. Soon enough,

Rocky felt a chill down his spine. Obviously, something very terrible

finally come out after all those years!" Rocky heard something from the amber stone speak, followed

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