The Medallion

Chapter 1219 The Appalling Fire Area

"This is the fire area," the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast warned him. "It's more difficult to go through than the thunder area! The fire in this area can be likened to your Evil Flame. As long as it touches you, it will inflict great damage. So, be careful!"

Rocky nodded slightly, then summoned Robin and Uriah. Letting them lead the way in the front, he followed them closely. Carefully, he began to walk through the fire area, treading along the route that the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast talked about.

Fire was raging everywhere. Rocky eyed the path before him warily, worried that fire might spurt out from nowhere like a geyser of flames. He immediately felt this place was indeed more dangerous than the thunder area he had gone through.

However, the danger didn't end there. After a few more steps, Robin let out a cry of warning. Rocky saw a sudden movement in the fire pit beside him. Upon a closer look, he realized they were several beast shadows with flames shooting out from their bodies. They were completely indistinguishable as the flames danced nonstop, as though they were born from fire. Baring their fangs, they growled at Rocky fiercely.

"These are just Fire Ghosts. They are very similar to the Shadow Beasts, and their strength is roughly the same, too. And the flames they release are very powerful. However, with your strength alongside your two beasts', they shouldn't pose a problem," the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast cautioned.

After hearing that, Rocky nodded to Robin and Uriah, and the two beasts raced towards the several Fire Ghosts. Just like the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast said, the Fire Ghosts were not exactly powerful, but their flames were able to counter Robin's icy attacks, so it was impossible for it to get close.

Uriah, on the other hand, was not afraid of the flames these Fire Ghosts were shooting out, so it was able to fight back. However, these Fire Ghosts were very cunning. They moved around nimbly, as though they were playing hide and seek. Rocky and his two beasts fought for a long time yet only managed to kill two of them.

Just as Rocky was about to launch another icy attack, he suddenly felt a burning sensation from the soles of his feet. Simultaneously, he felt scorching hot wind beat against his back. When he whipped around to see what was going on, his eyes widened in fear at what he saw. To his horror, a huge wave of dancing flame surged towards him, like a huge fire tsunami.

chaotically, as though they too were extremely afraid of the wave of fire. If even

direction, the fire waves chasing after him from behind. Unfortunately for him, the waves

to catch up to him. Soon, he felt

or nervousness. The spiritual power protecting his body was about to be dissolved, and he could already feel his skin blistering

the Hexagonal Netting Dragon Ring to activate the light barrier with all his strength, intending to pull it through forcefully. However, it didn't take long before the barrier

as the waves of flame were about to engulf him, the dragon-shaped jade on his chest suddenly began to shine and quickly formed

knew that it must be the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast that was protecting him, so he slowed down, letting the waves of fire swallow him up. Coming to a full stop, he anxiously looked

time slowed down for Rocky. Although this had only been a moment, he felt like this was

seemed like an eternity, the fire waves finally passed, continuing on its warpath, leaving

heaved a sigh of relief, feeling

this one time. From here on out, you have to take care of yourself!" the

head, totally exhausted. He didn't know what would happen next, but he

blocked his way, with the help of Robin and Uriah, Rocky

air. In the distance, he could see dozens of hurricanes of varying sizes spiraling into

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