The Lord Mayor Falls in Love with Me

Chapter 384 Being Wronged

Joey frowned. She didn't want to go to the Champion Hospital because Chance was there. However, the Champion Hospital was the nearest hospital and Lillian really needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Give me Lillian. I want to hold her." Paige said.

Paige didn’t trust Joey, so she didn’t want Joey to hold Lillian.

Joey didn't want to have a fight with Paige, so she let Paige take Lillian from her arms. I

Joey took off the silk scarf from her neck, tied it over the wound where Lillian was bitten by the snake, and then asked the driver in front, "Is there a knife in the car?"

The driver answered, “There are some blades.”

The driver bought those blades because he wanted to shave later.

"Can I borrow them?" Joey said.

"Yes." The driver handed her the blades while answering.

the driver for a lighter. After roasting the sharp blade with fire


use the blade on Lillian, Paige

said, "I am trying to save her. She was bitten by a poisonous snake. We have

what that snake in

child and she could die from it at any moment. In addition, it took at least

pale when

Lillian is innocent.

it! If I want Lillian to die, I did not have to try to

She only repented

ooze out. After Joey repeated doing this several times, Lillian seemed to feel better.

an hour, they finally arrived at Champion Hospital. Chance and other medical workers were waiting outside the hospital because they had got


It would definitely not be allowed

was the only one left in the corridor outside the operating room.

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