The Lord Mayor Falls in Love with Me

Chapter 386 The Secret Broke

Chance laughed disdainfully and did not take it seriously, "I'll wait and see. I'm afraid you'll stir up a fire and burn yourself."

After saying that, he was about to turn around and go into the operating room.

"Wait. I haven't finished my words!"

Joey crossed her arms, slightly narrowed her eyes, and said, "You seem to like and care about Lillian very much. Don't tell me it's because Lillian is cute and pretty. No one will believe it."

To Joey's understanding of him, Chance was not a caring man. On the contrary, he was cold-blooded and like a viper in a white uniform.

Just now, the contradiction broke out between them. Joey did not ignore that the trigger was Lillian. Because Lillian was hurt, Chance was so angry and put aside all considerations of face without hesitation. It made Joey, who was already suspicious, suddenly associated with a possibility, which was abominable and hateful.

Hearing this, Chance froze, and then turned his head as if nothing had happened, saying in a cold tone, "I can do whatever I want, and do not need to explain to anyone."

With that, he wanted to leave again. But this time, his footsteps were a bit hurried.

"I know that Lillian is not Allen's daughter.

who were hurrying in from outside,

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course you can deny it. But the truth will not be changed because

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was too sudden. Chance could not defend himself. When he reacted, Joey had already put his hair away, backed up a few steps, and looked at him with

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for several years would be revealed by Joey, Chance was cold and took a few steps forward, trying

"Chance, how dare you!"

of rage came from the corner of the corridor. Allen walked over with a cold face

not see Lillian, but heard about Lillian's true origin. Although the truth didn't have to be what Joey said, they could tell from Chance's reaction that what Joey said was true. If he did

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