The Lord Mayor Falls in Love with Me

Chapter107 Distorted hatred

Compared with their previous sexual encounters, Quentin was practically raping her. He was more rude and cruel than ever.

When Vivian walked out his office, she could barely stand on her feet. Her legs were shaking and she was bleeding. There were traces of blood along her thighs, on her ankles and in her shoes. It was a shocking sight.

Luckily no one was there to see her, because it was recess time.

She walked out of the company step by step with clenched fists.

She would never come back to work here. She would never see the monstrous Quentin again!

Joey, after she had finished lunch in the company cafeteria, decided to rush to Chance’s clinic to see her father during recess hours.

Mr. Linderman had woken up, but he was still very weak. Mrs. Linderman had stayed at the hospital to look after him, but she was pulling a long face. She was the one who had pushed her husband down stairs, and now she was the mad one.

Mr. Linderman decided to ignore her. He had gotten used to her selfishness and meanness long ago. So even if he was wide awake, he thought he’d better close his eyes to avoid her.

But deep down in his heart, he had started to think of Samantha like crazy, as he had done decades ago. He had been in love with her for his entire life since she was a teenage girl. Now they were both middle-aged, but she was still very beautiful.

Joey thought her father was asleep when she found that his eyes were closed. She tried not to make a sound. But Mrs. Lindeman immediately dragged her out of the room and asked her the question

the young man that you were with last night? What's your relationship

Joey slightly lowered her head and answered honestly, “He’s my boyfriend and everything is…fine

Although Mrs. Linderman was the one to blame for her father’s severe accident and Joey was very mad at her, she knew her mother hadn’t

you to break off your engagement with Ben yesterday. It turns out you had intended to do so long ago. It

up at her mother with sad eyes, “Mom, how could you say that? You’ve gone too far.”

A mother should never have said those mean words to her child. She sounded more like Joey’s

Mrs. Linderman looked away from Joey’s eyes. She had really taken a hit when Samantha showed up yesterday. While she didn’t dare to do anything to Samantha, she could do whatever she

he work? How is his family background?”

She didn’t plan to fall

Joey hesitated for a second and answered honestly, “He’s the mayor of this city. I guess his family is decent, but I’ve not visited his family

“The mayor?”

when she heard it. She was staring at Joey, completely shocked and a

for decades. People had always compared her with Samantha, and soon drawn the conclusion that she was

Therefore, when she had learnt that Vivian had stolen Joey’s finance Ben, she wasn’t mad at all. Instead, she was relieved and proud of her daughter’s accomplishment.

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