"You know best what you are thinking."

Chance did not know Joey had taken care of Lillian on the way. Paige did not tell him either. Besides, he had been prejudiced by first impressions that Joey, a stepmother, would not be good to Lillian. So, he continued to say harshly, "I know what you want to do when you get back to the Charles family this time. But I did not expect you even to do harm to a child. Are you still that Joey I once knew? Now, you are no different from Yolanda, and are even more abominable. You used poisonous snakes to harm people. You should be glad that Lillian is fine this time, or..."

"Or what do you want to do?"

Joey flared with anger. For Chance's arbitrary behavior, she did not even want to explain it. She would only explain to those who were worthy of her explanation. Chance were never worthy of it. Since he had thought so, Joey wouldn't bother arguing with him. In short, she was worthy of her heart.

to be so justified after the "bad" thing she did was "exposed". He was even angrier, grabbed Joey's arm, and stepped closer, saying maliciously, "Don't think that with Allen behind you, I can't do anything to you. Four years ago,

mention what happened four years ago, Joey burst into anger, shook off his hand, and glared at him fearlessly, "How dare you mention what happened four years ago! Chance, it seems that you have not understood that I, Joey, am no longer what I was four years ago. You want to harm me? Come on. You should have a clear estimation of yourself. Ben was

one. The misunderstanding that she and Allen were brother and sister who had the same father but different mothers made Joey exhausted for a long time.

had to admit that the current Joey was really not the weak girl who did not even dare to speak loudly four years ago. Her growth in all aspects was amazing. Now, she was so charming that people could not help but lose their heart to

saying, "Ben, John, and Yolanda are all not worth mentioning. The fact that they were defeated by you can only show that they are stupid. They don't deserve to be compared with me. If you do not believe, you can fight me. I won't frown, or I am not a

than 20 years (Last time, Chance got the special equipment for treating vegetative from Joey at the price of 5% shares of Ben's company. Although the effect was much better than the general equipment, Leila, his mother, after all, had been sleeping for more than twenty years, and could not wake up after just a few months of treatment),

it. That was why although George was obviously disgusted with Paige, he did not

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