The legendary warrior

Chapter 1265 Brandon Showing Up

As soon as Ricky absorbed a huge amount of blood-colored light, he could not help but suddenly become wild and delirious.

The only thing that could bring him back to normal was if he absorbed the death power and the dark powers with the help of the Devourer Zone and the Life and Death Zone.

However, it was impossible for him to do so at that moment because he desperately needed the life power and the death power that were inside of the blood-colored light.

Soon after absorbing the blood-colored light, he sprung out of it and fought ferociously with the eight Rotten Thorn Men once more.

Under the influence of the Devourer Zone and the Life and Death Zone, the death power and the dark powers inside of the blood-colored light came together and turned into eight bloody-dark blades.

In the blink of an eye, the blades dashed forward and slashed the Rotten Thorn Men in full force.

Without a doubt, the death power and the dark powers inside the blood-colored light were powerful than most. Not long after, the eight blades they had created pierced the bodies of the Rotten Thorn Men, turning them into the light that contained the death power.

"This is it. This move will tell us if we win! It's all or nothing!" Ricky said in a serious tone while looking at the eight balls of light that the Rotten Thorn Men left.

Meanwhile, the blood-colored light shrouded Mordechai and the others. They gave Ricky a quick gaze before averting their gaze on the eight balls of light.

At that moment, all they knew was that getting through this all rested on Ricky's hands.

If he would not be able to destroy the eight balls of light, eight new Rotten Thorn Men would emerge, with each having the strength of a middle spiritual emperor.

When that time came, they knew that death would be upon them. After all, they could no longer do anything to stop the Rotten Thorn Men with that kind of strength.

On the other hand, Ricky's eyes flashed with unbridled determination as he gathered the primitive and pure power of life.

Without hesitation and with complete hope, he transformed the life and death runes into the life runes and fused them with the life power. Soon after, he performed the skill of Resurrection.

Because Ricky included the primitive and pure power of life, he didn't need to consume his lifespan in order to get the skill of Resurrection working.

This could be one of the benefits he had absorbed from the blood-colored light.

aura covered the eight balls of light. And the

see what was going on, Mordechai and the others widened

he is doing? Is he going nuts? Is he trying to bring the Rotten Thorn Men back to life? He well knows that once these creatures come alive, they will be more

at the same time, they wanted to know why he did

they could not help but notice something odd happening with the

life power, the lights suddenly became active

Howl! Without warning, the balls of light sounded

Ricky said with

flesh is to live. But I guess, you didn't want to

Iron Justice Saber materialized in

Ancestral Thunder Net with it. At the same time, he controlled the net to envelop the eight balls of light. Soon, he waved his saber and activated the Heaven Illuminating Fire. Not long after, several black flames burned the eight

destroying the balls of light, something unexpected happened—the Heaven Illuminating Fire wasn't extinguished at all! At that time, the light balls produced loud shrill sounds as they were burned to

the Dragon

I really want to kill the dead thing again, I

the death power and dark powers inside the blood-colored light didn't make him feel so good. Fortunately for him, he had the Devourer Zone and the Life and Death Zone that

the result, Mordechai and the others were

curious about how Ricky managed

were talented warriors, too, they managed to understand how it

chaotic power! Now I know how he had

guy is just amazing!" Mordechai

everyone stared at Ricky with lots of admiration. They all could

importantly, they felt immense

to kill a dead being, we will have to resurrect it first. We all know that. But somehow, we all forgot about it at the most critical moment. And only Ricky remembered. How great is this guy? He deserves the

Ella chimed in.

hand, took a deep breath of relief and said in a relaxed tone, "Well, what's important is that we got through it as a team. Now, we should focus on adjusting ourselves before

in a lot of trouble if we run into some more powerful

this, the rest of them nodded their

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