The legendary warrior

Chapter 1264 Play Hero

"Yes. However, I don't know much about them," the Dragon Intent Grass replied, its voice morose.

"What? What do you mean you don't know much about them? Are you planning to stay in this Land of Thorn with me for as long as you live?" Ricky asked, visibly frustrated.

'It is always of no use when I need its help. What is the point of the grass being here, then?' he thought to himself.

"Those Rotten Thorn Men are already dead. How are you going to kill them?" the Dragon Intent Grass remarked.

"Is that all you know about them?" Ricky asked, disappointed.

"Yes, that's all I know about them," the Dragon Intent Grass responded.

"I'm not surprised to hear that. I know you can't give me any more useful information about them," Ricky said, an edge in his voice.

Although he was very frustrated with the Dragon Intent Grass, he still valued its advice. He just wanted to know what to do.

When he used the Devourer Zone to extract the powers in the blood-colored light, he was thinking about what it told him.

"So these Rotten Thorn men are already dead..." Ricky murmured to himself. "That means it's impossible to kill them because they're already dead in the first place.

No matter how many times we try to bring them down, they will always come back."

Ricky now understood what the Dragon Intent Grass meant.

If one possessed enough power, he could terminate any living being.

The Rotten Thorn Men had very little psychic intelligence and powers. However, they were already dead. No amount of strength could kill them further.

'It seems that it's not a problem of strength. The problem is that the Rotten Thorn Men are undead beings. Pelting them with attacks is useless. What we need to do is destroy the light. It seems that it is to them what hearts are to us. That's the only way to get rid of them for good.'

Ricky got excited by this realization.

After finding out how to destroy the Rotten Thorn Men, he focused on studying the blood-colored light.

in the blood-colored light. He had spent four days working on it, and he

power was the light's main

such as the gloomy,

even saw the power of life

was even more curious because the power of life that

more primitive than the one

in that Life and Death River of his Life and Death Zone. It was not the purest in the

knew that he was wrong. The vitality in the blood-colored light was better than that in the Life and Death


a deeper understanding of the Life and Death Zone. However, the speed of the blood-colored lighting invading my body is faster than the speed of the Devourer Zone devouring it. Drawing the life power from it will be

was indeed a

the dark powers are definitely not what scare the Rotten Thorn Men. So the only thing

of death. Just like my Life and Death Zone, life

know how to deal with these

Ricky opened

I know what we have

and Ashley all opened their eyes. They looked at Ricky

this point, Mordechai and the others were open to anything Ricky could come up with. After all, they couldn't think of any plan to bring the

to do anything. Just stay here. I will destroy the Rotten Thorn Men," Ricky said, puffing

He stood up quickly.

as he was upright, he burst

the other

hair had turned white as snow. The Devourer Zone suddenly appeared behind him. Ricky clapped his hands, and the Devourer Zone transformed into an Omnipotent Skill—the Evil

up and swallowed

Hayes, and Ashley all looked at Ricky like he was crazy. They were worried about

Mutant, he might get hurt if he tries

the Rotten Thorn Men. We are not a match for them the way that we are. I have to borrow the blood-colored light's power," Ricky

looks like you are trying to play hero," the Dragon Intent Grass said. However, its

have the Devourer Zone. I'm the only one who can utilize so much

come up with the idea, they still lacked power to slay

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