The legendary warrior

Chapter 1258 Jeremy Luo

After activating the Shadow Sword Mutant, Hayes condensed another blade.

"Come on, Heavenly Flying Saber!" he shouted.

His saber was the combination of the justice power and the heavenly power. It glowed gently as it shot towards the tiger.

Although it looked like an ordinary saber, powerful warriors could feel its immense power.

The moment the saber appeared, all the tiger's fighting power was suppressed.

It cut through the tiger's flesh, piercing through its body.

Hayes had finally put down the beast.

Even though the tiger was powerful, it was no match for Hayes. It also lacked the ability to think, which made it vulnerable to Hayes.

Hayes flew towards the dead tiger and ripped its heart out. With one final exhale, the beast was dead for all eternity. Its body suddenly transformed into a ball of pure fighting energy.

Hayes took a look at its heart in his hand. It was made of even purer fighting energy.

"We've obtained the pure fighting energy," Mordechai said excitedly. He stared at the ball of pure fighting energy hungrily, delighted to have obtained it.

"I knew it! This beast did have a large heart. This will be enough for us to improve our fighting spirit," Ashley chimed in, giddy with excitement.

Warriors needed the fighting spirit to awaken their strength. Any creature without the fighting spirit was a loser, no matter how terrifying the strength he possessed.

The fighting spirit was a delicate combination of a warrior's persistence and bravery.

"I wonder when Ricky will wake up. I am starting to be envious of him. Imagine that—he could even enter the state of epiphany in such an environment," Hayes said, observing Ricky.

"This is the difference between him and us. Don't compare yourself to him, because you will just upset yourself," Mordechai chimed in.

Suddenly, he stiffened up.

He could sense the presence of other warriors coming their way, and so did Hayes and Ashley.


men who were

recognized the leader of the group. "Jeremy Luo! It's you!" he said, frowning at

genius of the Luo Clan. Although he wasn't at par with Brandon, he was just as talented as Hayes. In fact, some would even say that Jeremy Luo was better. However, he actually could no longer be a match for Hayes because the

Jeremy Luo said. He noticed both Ricky and Mordechai, but he

small world!" Ashley

off one of your own arms, and leave the pure fighting spirit behind!" Jeremy Luo demanded,

raising an eyebrow at Jeremy

guess. You are Mordechai, the new holy son of the wood branch, aren't you?" Jeremy Luo said in a dismissive

at Mordechai's

still as a rock. He activated his Sorcerous Combat

a loud sound rang out. The two of them were

them wore

didn't know Mordechai's real strength, Jeremy Luo didn't unleash his full strength. He didn't perform any Omnipotent Skill, but his strike was powerful enough. However, he was surprised

had increased by a lot. However, he had been forced

why Mordechai's

Ashley furrowed their eyebrows as they witnessed the two men's


Mordechai's momentums

emotions had heightened in

Luo Clan were sworn enemies. When members of the two forces crossed paths, they would not stop until they were

Body. He had no intention of

bewildered by what he had done. They knew that he was using a special body, but it was

of that, they could sense that Mordechai's body

had survived Jeremy Luo's

son of the wood branch," Jeremy Lup snapped. "But you know what? You will


momentums collided, they would launch

before either warrior could make their move, a blood-colored figure dashed forward and stood in front of Mordechai. It was none other than Ricky. He had just gotten out of the

are just a nobody. You are not qualified to fight with the holy son of our branch," Ricky said,

learned something from the epiphany, and I need someone to test out my new power. Now that this guy is here,

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