The legendary warrior

Chapter 1255 Real Ancient Battlefield

The minute Ricky set foot in his cultivation place, he heard Lloyd's familiar voice echo in his Soul Sea. Not long after, Lloyd appeared out of thin air looking at Ricky.

"Elder Lloyd, I'm going to cultivate in private. What brings you here? Is there anything I can help you with?" Ricky asked.

"Oh, don't play dumb with me! Don't tell me you are not aware that I cultivate the wood power as well." After gathering the courage to swallow his pride, he made a request. "Come on. Give me two balls of that green fire."

"Ha-ha! I thought that a powerful being like you would never need this flame. Looks like I am mistaken," Ricky teased.

"Stop that! Quit teasing me!" Lloyd said as his face darkened in annoyance, pretending to be offended.

Ricky stopped making fun of the elder after seeing his irritated face. Afterwards, he pulled out two flaming balls of life fire straight from the Life and Death Fire and handed them over to Lloyd.

"I hope you don't mind, Elder Lloyd. But why do you want two balls of this kind of fire?" Ricky asked out of interest.

"I need two of those because I will give one to Ashley. Wait, don't tell me that you're having second thoughts about me giving one to her?" Lloyd said as he stared at Ricky.

"Ha-ha! Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't want her to get one. It's just that I have already tried giving her the peculiar fire before, but she refused to take it," Ricky replied dejectedly.

"Oh, goodness, that's tough. Why can't you get on well with her?" Lloyd said, sounding a little bit helpless.

"But I just have to say it, you impress me. You even have mastered the brilliant Justice Skill, and even got your hands on the Massacring Sand, sacred fire, and peculiar fire, to name a few. If there's anything, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for helping our sect. I mean it."

"Well, it's my pleasure, Elder Lloyd. After all, you let me keep the Five-element Flag and help me refine it. I am grateful that you trust me. Of course, I must do something to help our sect. Hayes, Mordechai, and Ashley are loyal to our sect, and I know for a fact that they would never do anything to betray it. That's why I am willing to give them some things to help them grow stronger. I'll be helping for the sake of our sect,"

Ricky replied in all honesty.

But of course, what he said was not meant to please Lloyd in any manner, for he only wanted his truth to be heard.

On the other hand, Ricky decided to help Hayes, Mordechai, and Ashley not because he wanted them to help him in the future, but rather to repay the kindness that Lloyd had shown to the Five-element Sect.

Ultimately, Ricky didn't like owing anything to others. To him, he would repay anyone who lent him a hand during difficult times.

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as he aspired to break through and become a three-star lower spiritual emperor and acquire more eternal

and the mysterious chromatic energy, Ricky was still unable to transform this energy

the chaotic power to be transformed into the eternal power. However, this would cost him a lot

the best way to do this was to condense


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but I can, at most, create three shadowy replicas at the same time. I find it very impossible to stay focused if I make more replicas than that. If I want to

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South Palace was the most powerful force in the entire Misty South. Hence, no

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grey windstorms spun around and created spaces which then gathered

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be sent to the chaos. The space rifts were very difficult to manage that even saints could not get rid of them at all. Luckily, these

speaking, these kinds of places were quite popular among the warriors who cultivate

matter of fact, a year of cultivation here for them would yield progress that

will spend some time cultivating here. I think that I can understand the Omnipotent Gale Skill better here than anywhere

also practice the wind power, right?" Hayes clarified as he gave

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