The legendary warrior

Chapter 1254 Gifts From Ricky

"Do you mean that we will be competing with all the other geniuses in the outer region of the Middle Land? That is indeed good news," Ricky said excitedly. His eyes were burning with the desire to fight.

It was his chance to improve himself in such a short time, and it was a good opportunity to develop himself. Only when he fought those geniuses would he be able to learn things and improve his skills faster.

"I'm glad to hear that. Young men should be full of confidence and must have faith in themselves," Lloyd said with satisfaction. He could tell that Ricky was looking forward to the contest.

"I advise you to practice with each other in the coming three months. It will be a more efficient way to hone your skills," he advised, looking at the three disciples.

Afterwards, Ricky, Ashley, and Hayes stayed at the cultivation place. They practiced with one another and shared their experiences in martial arts. After he had everything taken care of, Mordechai joined the three of them.

The four of them filled Lloyd in on what had happened to Guillermo. They didn't leave out any details.

After hearing that, Lloyd heaved a deep sigh. He suddenly felt very sorry for Guillermo.

"Ricky, you can take this opportunity to share all of the Holy Three-Saber's Justice Skill with Hayes. You will always need people on your side.

You two have been through a lot. I think you know by now that Hayes is someone that you can trust. It would be good if he grew stronger with you," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

"You have a good point!" Ricky replied.

He then showed the Holy Three-Saber's Justice Skill to Hayes without any reserve.

Hayes was shocked upon seeing it.

As a warrior who cultivated the Justice Skill, he knew just how profound and powerful what Ricky had taught him was.

"Ricky, I..." Hayes was at loss for words. He gazed upon his friend.

"Hayes, I am not focused on cultivating the Justice Skill. I show it to you because I know it will be more useful to you. Moreover, by doing this, I have gotten that elder who taught me this skill a perfect successor. Once you grow stronger, we will have a better chance of winning the Territory Battle,"

Ricky responded with a smile.

just tell me. I will give you a helping hand. You have my word," Hayes said sincerely. His gratitude for Ricky was

close to making Ricky

that Ricky having an opportunity to learn this skill from a warrior at the divine level was by no means an easy

Hayes didn't think Ricky did all this just to win his heart. He knew he didn't have much to offer Ricky, so

Hayes's admiration

was glad to have such a

the strong survive. A top warrior can defeat a tribe or go to war with a sect. You have to remember that no matter how strong you have

you need to nurture it. You will never be a perfect being, and you need friends

one day. Even if you become the best warrior on all of the four

"I know!" Ricky responded.

you are a righteous man. This is what I admire about you. If


appreciation, then," Ricky responded with a

then turned to

will take what you said seriously,"

and the two of them burst into

have something good for you," Ricky said, looking

curious. What is it that you think I

be the next leader of the Desolate Sorcery tribe. Moreover, he had just acquired the primitive cultivation method of the Sorcerous Combat

this, yet he still offered something quite exciting. Mordechai

Ashley all fixed their

and three streams of Massacring Sand suddenly

in the world. Even though you possess the Sorcerous Combat Body,

eyes lit up in excitement as he gazed

In fact, he moved quickly to get it for fear that Ricky might change his

the Sealed Land, and I was still searching for it when I had left. The Massacring Sand is important to me. This

excitement in his voice

didn't disappoint you,"

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