The Dragon Princess

The Dragon Princess

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Chapter 87: Epilogue

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Prologue: Part One

"Elina, you need to get out of here!" said Queen Genevieve as she rushed inside the room. "Mother? Mother, what is happening?" Princess Elina asked frantically as she ran towards the Queen. "The kingdom is on fire. Dark wizards and soldiers are everywhere. You need to leave the castle. Right now." "No mother, I won't leave you here alone. I will find Father and get him to help us." The little five year old replied with determination. She gripped her mother's hand tighter as another blast went off at some part of the castle. Elina didn't know what was happening. There was a huge commotion all around the castle. But why would a sudden rebellion start in the kingdom when they had been living in peace and harmony for centuries? Her thoughts were interrupted when the door to her room flew open. Armed soldiers who clearly didn't belong to the Kingdom of Corona trooped in. The last person who was in, however, was very familiar to both the Queen and the Princess. "My my, the Queen and the Princess together? My luck isn't so bad after all." The man in front of them wasn't the same one who brought Elina presents on her birthday or sneaked her out of the castle when he went horse riding despite her parent's disapproval. He wasn't the one who read her stories at night when her parents were too tired from the day's work. He wasn't the Uncle Eric Alwin Hudson Dragna she knew. No. It couldn't be.

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The Dragon Princess

The Dragon Princess

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