The convenient Bride

Chapter 270: How Could She Scold You

"My mother liked to draw very much. It is said that my grandmother raised my mother to study fine arts since she was young, so my mother did a good job.”


Rosiley saw him turn around several times to look at the painting on the back seat. She took the initiative to mention her mother.


"The painting is very beautiful.” Payton praised sincerely.


"It's beautiful, but it's the only one left." At this point, Rosiley said with regret.


"Why?" Payton was very curious. Since her mother liked drawing, there should be a lot of works.


"They were burned." Rosiley replied indifferently, "At that time, my mother's condition was worse and worse. Perhaps she felt that she was about to die. It was no use to keep the paintings, so she burned them."


Payton shook his head and said, "Your mother is really resolute.”


Rosiley smiled and didn't say anything else.


She turned her head and stared at the painting blankly.


She remembered that she was only five years old when her mother drew this picture.


Her mother hugged her on her lap and told her how beautiful J City was while drawing. Rosiley must go and see it when she grew up.


Every time her mother talked about J City, her eyes were full of affection, and her words were filled with yearning for that place.


But before her mother could take her to J City, her mother left.


Payton noticed that Rosiley didn't speak for a while. Payton turned around and looked at her. However, he noticed the sadness on her face. He couldn't help but frown. Did he ask too much about her mother?


If so, he had to say something happy to amuse Rosiley.


Just as he was about to speak, his phone suddenly rang.


Rosiley also recovered by the ringtone of his phone. She noticed that Payton picked up the phone and looked at it, but he immediately hung it up.


She raised her eyebrows and did not ask any further.


Just as he was about to throw his phone into the storage box in the middle of the car seat, it rang again.