The convenient Bride

Chapter 269: It's Not Personality. It's Lack of Ambition

"Soon? Are you sure?" Rosiley didn't believe him. So she interrupted Payton as he was about to explain, "Call your bodyguards in and let them guard. Let's go home.”


Payton: "..."


Xenia and Rorey were dumbfounded as they watched the two burly men walk in front of them. The bodyguards shot cold gazes at them through their sunglasses.


They had personal bodyguards!


Rorey was even more certain that Payton was not simple.


"Rorey, what should we do now?" Seeing this, Xenia immediately panicked.


"Mom, calm down first. Don't worry.” Rorey comforted her as she carefully looked at the two burly men.


She knew that her mother would not be able to escape. Therefore, they'd better accept the reality calmly.


Then, she grabbed Xenia's hands and said, "Mom, listen carefully to me now. Since Rosiley has already called the police, you can't escape..."


Hearing this, Xenia panicked, "Then what should I do?”


Seeing that she was completely panicking, Rorey pulled her hand and said, "Mom, calm down."


"How can I be calm?" Xenia shook off her hand angrily, "I'm about to get caught. You still want me to calm down!"


Xenia was a little excited. She really panicked.


Originally, Xenia was certain that Rosiley had no evidence to prove that she had killed Seneca, but now... Things were completely out of her control.


It was a great shock for Xenia. She was very different from the state she faced Rosiley before.

Seeing her mother worried so much, Rorey felt uncomfortable, and her hatred for Rosiley deepened.


If it weren't for Rosiley's push, how could they be so desperate to do such an illegal thing?


No, she couldn't let Rosiley feel satisfied.


“I'm going to jail. What should I do? What should I do..."


Xenia circled back and forth in the same place, feeling extremely anxious and uneasy.