The convenient Bride

Chapter 267: Make Up Her Mind to Kill Him

Xenia came back from the hospital last night. She had just fallen asleep when she was woken up by a nightmare.


In the dream, Seneca's face was pale and bloodless. He looked at her gloomily and asked her again and again why she had done this.


She cried and said not to blame her. She could do nothing but be forced to do so.


"I want you to leave with me.” A strange smile appeared on Seneca's face and he rushed in front of her.


She wanted to escape, but she could not move as if her feet have taken root there.


She could only watch him pinch her on the neck with a scary look. "Xenia, I want you to go to hell!"


Breathing became harder and harder. Just when she thought she would die, she was scared awake.


When she woke up, she realized that she was pinching her neck. She was so frightened that she quickly let go and sat up.


The dream was too real, too strange.


She stroked her neck in shock, and could not forget the suffocating feeling.


Afterwards, she didn't dare to sleep because she was afraid.


She didn't kill Seneca impulsively. When Rosiley said that she wanted to send Seneca to the United States for treatment, she had this thought.


Originally, she had also hesitated. After Butler Zhao fell down the stairs, she seemed to have nothing to worry.


Killing one person was no different from killing two people.


So she made up her mind to kill Seneca.


When the servant knocked on the door, she told Xenia that a woman named Rosiley was looking for her.