The convenient Bride

Chapter 266: It's Really Gone

Seeing them staring at him in bewilderment, Sachin let out an uncomfortable and soft cough. Then, he looked at Lane and frowned, "Is the video ready?"


Lane was stunned for a moment, then quickly typed a few times on the computer keyboard and turned the screen towards them. "This is the surveillance video from last night till now.’


Rosiley and Payton hurriedly moved closer and stared at the computer screen with wide eyes, afraid of missing any details.


In the video, it was quiet at first. They could only hear the monitor's voice.


They fast-forwarded a few minutes. Suddenly, the door was pushed in and someone walked in.


Rosiley recognized that the person in the video was Xenia through her figure and clothes.


She slowly walked to the hospital bed, and then Xenia's voice came from the video.


"Seneca, it's been about twenty years since I stayed with you. I can say that I'm sincere to you, and I've done my best to take 

care of everything in the Tang family so that you can be at ease with your own business. But my sincerity and dedication were not met with your kindness.”


"If you had agreed to give Rorey 20% of the shares of the Tang Group at that time, then nothing would have happened. You don't have to lie here so pitifully and become a living dead person."


"No matter what I do, I just want to get what Rorey and I deserve. Don't blame me. I'm Rorey's mother. I want to help her clear all the obstacles”


When Xenia said this, she lowered her head and took out an item from her bag.


Because she couldn't see it clearly, Rosiley pressed the pause button and said, “Lane, zoom in on this place."


She pointed at the position of Xenia's hand in the video and ordered.


Lane clicked his mouse a few times, and the position Rosiley had designated instantly magnified by several times. She could clearly see it.


"Sachin, where did you buy this monitor? The pictures and sounds are so clear, even if it's magnified.” Payton couldn't help but praise.


"I bought it." Lane said proudly.