The convenient Bride

Chapter 260: He Must Still Have Feelings for You

Rosiley glanced at her and said, "Because it's obvious.”


“Alright,” Juliet pouted and said, "I did know him a long time ago, and he is ... the son of a friend of my father's."


"It shouldn't be that simple, right?" With only this kind of relationship, would she talk to him with such a bad attitude?


Juliet pursed her lips and looked at Payton. After pondering for a moment, she said, "He is my ex-boyfriend.”


"Ex-boyfriend?" Rosiley cried out in surprise. This could explain why Juliet's attitude was so bad.


Payton laughed out loud and said, "Holy shit, I guessed it.”


Juliet frowned and asked, "What did you guess?"


"I was just thinking that there must be emotional dispute between you. Otherwise, a woman wouldn't treat a man like this,” 


Payton threw up his hands and said, "I didn't expect that I would guess it. I'm too smart.”


Juliet was stunned, and a trace of anger flashed in her eyes. She glowered at him and said, "Yes, you're smart. You're exceptionally smart!"


Payton rubbed his nose in confusion. He looked at Rosiley in puzzlement and said, "Rosiley, how did I provoke her?"


Rosiley smiled and asked, "When did you date Ethan? Why don't I know?"


Rosiley had known her for so many years, she almost knew every boyfriend she had, but Ethan was not one of them.


Was she with him during the three years abroad?


"He was my boyfriend when I was abroad.”


Juliet's answer confirmed Rosiley's guess.