The convenient Bride

Chapter 259: You Don't Need to Be Shy

Ethan stared fixedly at Payton and Juliet for a long time, then smiled and said, "Juliet, you don't need to ask someone to pretend to be your boyfriend in order to refuse me.”


Rosiley was shocked. He had seen through Juliet's trick.


The smile on Juliet's face froze. She bit her lips. Suddenly, she turned her head and heavily kissed Payton.


Rosiley's eyes widened instantly. Holy shit! Was Juliet crazy?


She carefully looked at Ethan, only to see his entire face turn gloomy.


Payton, who had already experienced it once, was very calm. He smiled viciously and said, "Dear, you don't need to be shy."


Juliet frowned slightly, not understanding what he meant.


What happened next completely shocked Rosiley.


She couldn't believe her eyes.


Payton turned his head, raised his hand, and held the back of Juliet's head, directly kissing her red lips.


Juliet's eyes widened as she looked at the handsome face that was so close to her.


She saw him smiling secretly and couldn't help but get irritated.


Why was he smiling? What was so funny?


She was about to push him away, but he quickly got close to her ears, saying in a voice that only they could hear, "Aren't you going to act? Then make it as real as you can."


Juliet's eyes lit up as a shy smile appeared on her pretty face. She glared at him and said reproachfully, "We are not alone here. Don't speak like that.”


Her words naturally cause others to be curious about what Payton had said in her ear that made her so shy.