The convenient Bride

Chapter 253: Our Quick Decision Will Save Them from Long-term Pain

Inside the room, Rosiley only cried for a while. She patted Yayoi's back gently and comforted her silently.


After a long time, Yayoi stopped crying, leaving only a soft sobbing sound.


Rosiley whispered, "Yayoi..."


Yayoi did not respond.


Rosiley continued, "Yayoi, your parents suddenly admitted their guilt. Candance must be the mastermind behind it. So, wipe away your tears. The problem we are facing cannot be solved with tears. Your parents are still waiting for us to clear their name."


About a dozen seconds later, Yayoi looked up and sat up straight.


She wiped away her tears and forced out a smile. "I won't cry again."


Rosiley smiled, "Well, both of us won't cry anymore. We need to face all the expected predicaments bravely and get your parents out as soon as possible."


Rosiley pulled out a few napkins and stuffed them into Yayoi's hand. "Wipe your tears or go wash your face. I'll call Sachin and Maddox in."


The atmosphere in the quiet living room was tense.


Maddox held Yayoi's hand tightly, silently giving her comfort and strength.


“Candace must have used Yayoi so as to threaten her parents to admit their guilt." Rosiley guessed.


"I think so.” Maddox nodded. "Candace is anxious. After all, the internal situation of the Young Group is not optimistic."


"They run into fun problems.... Several projects have been forced to be suspended. I guess it has something to do with this corruption case.” Sachin calmly analyzed. “Someone embezzles a large amount of money, causing the lack of project funds, so they have to suspend them.”


Rosiley frowned, "Haven't President Young discovered that his daughter is responsible for it?"


“Candace is not a high-ranking member of the Young Group. How can she embezzle so much money? She must have made a deal with those seniors so she can unscrupulously embezzle the company's funds.” Maddox sneered.