The convenient Bride

Chapter 251: To Share Our Husbands

Candance did not expect such a result. She thought that Yayoi's parents would be convicted today.


As long as the Songs pleaded guilty, Candance and Vito would be safe. Thus, they wouldn't have to worry every day, fearing that things would be exposed.


But now....


As soon as Candance walked out of the court, she shouted at Vito angrily, "Vito, you said that everything would go smoothly. What's going on now? Tell me what's going on?"


Vito didn't know what had gone wrong. Such a trial result also shocked him.


"Candance, stop shouting loudly here. Otherwise, others will know." Vito looked at the people around him who hadn't dispersed yet and patiently comforted.


Candance was rational. She took a deep breath and said, "Alright, then let's go back and talk."


After she finished speaking, she was about to leave when she saw Rosiley and the others out of the corner of her eyes.


With a malicious smile, Candance walked over leisurely, "Hello, Yayoi, are you especially sad to see your parents?"


Rosiley and the other two were talking when they suddenly heard this sarcastic remark.


The three of them turned to look at the speaker.


Crossing her arms around her chest, Candance was looking at them with a triumphant smile.


"Candance, you bitch!" On seeing Candance, Yayoi was infused with grievance and anger. She rushed forward, planning to hit Candace.


Rosiley and Juliet quickly grabbed Yayoi.


"Yayoi, to hit the bitch is beneath your dignity. It's not worth it,” Rosiley advised.


However, Juliet said, "Yayoi, I'm the best at teaching bitches a lesson. Let me help you."


After she finished speaking, Juliet let go of Yayoi and directly stood in front of Candance. Staring at Candance, who wore delicate makeup, Juliet put on a mocking smile. "No matter how beautiful your makeup is, it can't hide your sins."