The convenient Bride

Chapter 245: Let Me Hug You

The black SUV sped along the highway, heading in the direction of the suburbs.


Inside the car, Yayoi tried her best to open the door.


But the door was locked, how could she easily open it?


After a futile effort, she gave up and turned to glare at the driver.


"Maddox, do you understand that you are kidnapping me? Do you understand that you're breaking the law?" Yayoi shouted loudly. Maddox looked at her and smiled, "I don't mind breaking the law for you."


Yayoi was surprised for a moment. And then she sneered, "Don't try to amuse me with these stupid words. I'm not a three-year-old child."


He didn't mind breaking the law for her?


"If I ask you to kill someone, will you kill him too?"


"TH Kill!"


His voice suddenly sounded.


Yayoi looked up at him in surprise and looked into his firm eyes. At this moment, she realized that she had accidentally whispered what she was thinking.


"Then kill a man for me." It was easier to talk than to do.


He asked, "Kill who?"




Yayoi said indifferently.


"Do you really want me to die?" Maddox asked calmly.


"Yes, I don't have to suffer so much if you die!" Yayoi shouted loudly as if he touched her on the raw.


The car fell into a deathly silence.


Maddox tightened his hold on the steering wheel and smiled bitterly. He asked, "Am I making you suffer?"


‘Am I making you suffer?’


His voice sounded calm, but it was mixed with sadness.