The convenient Bride

Chapter 242: I'm Not Leaving You

Rorey was kicked out of the Ji’s villa.


Quinta was really ruthless. She had people throw all of Rorey’s things out, and then she kicked Rorey out as well.


"Rorey, from now on, you have nothing to do with the Ji family and Yunis. Scram as far as you can."


Along with Quinta's cold voice, the automatic bronze door of the villa was slowly closed.


Rorey, who was lying on the ground, turned her head and looked at Yunis inside. Her eyes were filled with disappointment.


All the while, Yunis didn't defend Rorey at all. When Quinta kicked Rorey out, Yunis just watched and did nothing. Even though Rorey cried out "Yunis, I don't want to leave you. I love you", Yunis was indifferent.


It turned out that a man could be so heartless.


Rorey laughed at herself. She burst into tears and she couldn't stop.


Within a day, her world had turned upside down.


She thought that she would inherit the Tang Group as she wished, marry into the Ji family as she wished, and become Yunis’ wife as she wished.


But it was a dream, and it was time to wake up!


She was resentful!


She hated Quinta!


She hated Yunis!


She hated everyone who had hurt her!


But who she hated the most was Rosiley!


Were it not for Rosiley, she wouldn't have fallen to such a sorry state.


Everything was Rosiley's fault!


Rorey suddenly stopped crying. She clenched her hands tightly and her eyes filled with hatred.