The convenient Bride

Chapter 236: It's That Woman Again

At Regal Entertainment Group.


In the large meeting room, the atmosphere was tense. Everyone was sitting upright, looking at a department manager who was presenting a report with a serious expression.


As for Sachin, who was sitting in the main seat, he seemed a little absent-minded and raised his hand to look at the watch.


Lane, who was beside him, muttered to himself. Twenty-seven times.


This was the frequency that president looked at his watch since the meeting began.


The president had never been so ... lost in a meeting. It was as if he was worried about something and had lost his soul.


Probably, he was worried about his wife.


During the shareholder's meeting of the Tang Group, a new chairman would be elected, and his wife was one of the candidates.


No wonder the president was worried.


Just as Lane was thinking about this, a ringtone suddenly rang in the conference room.


Obviously, the atmosphere in the meeting room instantly became even tenser. Everyone look at each other, guessing who the daring person leaving his phone on during the meeting was.


At this time, Sachin took out his phone from his pocket and picked up the call.


Lane stuck out her tongue. Today, what the president had done was jaw-dropping. Apart from not paying attention to the 

meeting, he didn't even turn off his phone.


One could imagine how shocked the others were.


He raised his head and looked at the others present. Indeed, everyone had an unbelievable expression as if they had seen a ghost.


What happened next shocked them even more.


Sachin picked up the phone, and an unfamiliar and anxious voice sounded. "You must be Rosiley's husband, right? She's in the hospital now..."


Without waiting for the other party to finish, he hung up and stood up. He ignored everyone's shocked expression and strode out.


Seeing this, Lane quickly stood up and said "Meeting dismissed" and chased after him.