The convenient Bride

Chapter 235: You Are Just a Bastard

That morning, Rosiley and Sachin were having breakfast. Suddenly, Sachin took out a USB drive and placed it in front of her.


Rosiley looked at the black USB drive and looked at him, puzzled. "What is this?"


"A video."


Sachin replied indifferently.


"Video?" Rosiley frowned. She picked up the USB drive and looked at it carefully. Then, she raised her eyes to look at him again. "What kind of video?"


"The video I recorded will be helpful to the shareholder's meeting today."


Hearing this, Rosiley raised her eyebrows and probed, “This cant be the evidence that you personally agreed to cooperate with the Tang Group, right?"


Sachin was surprised, and a trace of praise flashed in his eyes. "As you think, it is indeed the evidence."


To tell the truth, Rosiley felt that Sachin was worried too much at that time, and he even recorded a video on purpose.


However, according to the current situation, his preparation helped her a lot.


Rosiley inserted the USB drive into her laptop, and the video was played on the big screen in the meeting room.


Sachin was sitting upright on a leather chair, his expression was indifferent, and his eyes were cold. Even though everyone saw him from the screen, they could still feel the powerful aura emanating from him.


The moment she saw Sachin, Rorey's face turned pale and her hands were clenched from uneasiness.


Rorey thought that Rosiley was just spouting nonsense, but she didn't expect that she had prepared a video.


This was something she didn't expect. If REG would really cooperate with the Tang Group, it would be a great advantage for Rosiley and a great blow to her.