The convenient Bride

Chapter 230: The Most Pathetic Little Brother Ever

Outside of the wide French window, the ink-like sky was dotted with stars.


The lights in Benin City were dimming, and there was a lively scene.


Rosiley looked at the beautiful scenery in front of her as if she were infatuated. She had never known that Benin City was so beautiful at night.


Behind her, Payton lay on the sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling. Occasionally, his stomach would rumble.


He was starving!


However, his dear Rosiley was not planning to eat yet. She said that she would not eat until Sachin finished the meeting.


However, who knew how long the meeting would last? He was afraid that when the meeting was over, he would starve to death here.


Just as Payton sighed, the office door opened, and a tall man walked in.


Hearing the sound, Payton hurriedly sat up. When he saw clearly who was coming, her face was filled with joy, and he said, "Sir, you finally finish the meeting. My stomach is about to flatten from hunger."


Sachin glanced at his stomach, "It looks fine now."


"This is exaggeration..."


Payton explained helplessly.


Sachin gave him a sidelong glance and walked straight towards the woman standing beside the French window.


Payton curled his lips and walked out of the office, leaving them alone.


"Isn't it beautiful?"


Just as Rosiley was focused on enjoying the scenery, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from behind her.


She was shocked. She turned her head and saw an extraordinary handsome face. Then, a brilliant smile appeared on her pretty face.


"Is the meeting over?" she asked softly.