The convenient Bride

Chapter 223: Shower with You

After returning home, Rosiley chatted briefly with Sasha and headed upstairs.


When passing by the study, she paused and gently opened the door. Poking her head in, she saw Sachin sitting behind the desk. Under the yellow light, his ink-like hair glittered and his facial features looked even more perfect.


She couldn't help but fix her eyes on him.


Sachin noticed that he was under someone's intense gaze.


After looking up to see her delicate and pretty face, he couldn't help but smile with his lips slowly forming into a curve.


Putting down the book, he looked at her calmly and called her in a soft voice, "Rosiley.”


Hearing his voice, she regained her senses and met his eyes. Seeing his meaningful look, she immediately realized what she had just done.


It turned out that she was so attracted by his handsome features that she got carried away for a moment.


When she saw him looking at her with a faint smile, her face reddened like a rose.


Out of awkwardness, she raised her hand to tuck her loosened hair behind her ear. Then she asked, “Have you had dinner yet?”


When Juliet, Yayoi and she were eating, Sachin called her, saying that he wanted to take her home for dinner. However, having almost finished her meal, she could only ask him to go home and eat alone.


Thinking of this, she still felt a little guilty. Ever since they got married, no matter how busy he was, he would try his best to come home early to dine with her.


He was indeed a good husband. In comparison, she was far worse as a wife.


Sachin said, "Yes. I've had dinner.”


Then he continued, "Come here."


Rosiley walked over meekly. Suddenly, he put his hands around her waist and she sat on his lap the next second.


He held her slender waist with strong arms, with his chest pressing against her back and his chin resting on her shoulder. His warm breath sprayed all over her sensitive ears, causing her to shrink her neck nervously.


His eyes fell upon her neck. There was a pink glow on her fair complexion, making her look like some delicious ice cream.